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"You stupid animatronics! You've been forgotten, left to rot! See you in the after life, haha!"
―Purple's last words (when he was alive)

Purple is an antagonist in Fredbear's Family Diner and is a somewhat parody or Seth's version of Purple Guy.


Purple has appeared in different minigames during FFD, he first appeared after beating Night 2 and is shown walking inside the pizzeria with other people. On Night 3, he is shown dismantling Freddy and friends (on another diner). Finally on Night 5, he dies when he was running away from Seth as Seth is his first victim, and goes inside Springtrap and (obviously) gets "Springlocked".


  • Purple is actually Seth's nickname to Purple Guy.
  • Purple in the minigames, when dismantling the animatronics it is shown he is using a heavy metal bar.


  • Purple throwing an Axe on Seth's head (before his death)
  • Purple shown when he was alive and when he was dead
  • Purple wearing the Spring Bonnie suit

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