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Purple freddy

The Purple Freddy suit standing, with it's optional Purple Microphone.

Purple Freddy
is a spare Fredbear costume that's been around since Fredbear's Family Diner. It doesn't have an endoskeleton or springlock system, it's only a suit.


The Purple Freddy suit had a lackluster history. It existed since Fredbear's Family Diner and wasn't used until Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. The Purple Guy decided to use it to lure the animatronics into the safe room, but they couldn't due to it not being in their hardware. Purple Freddy's suit vanished after 5 nights and it was unknown where it was put.

Later in 2023, the new company Fazbear Fright has found a Purple Freddy suit, it seems a bit burnt as the the colour is significantly darker than usual. It was put in The Office for extra spooks. The one and only nightguard who went there didn't see it, sometimes...

The Purple Freddy suit probably got burnt during the fire or auctioned off.


The appearance of the Purple Freddy suit has changed over the years to fit with the current Freddy Fazbear/Fredbear design, despite him never being used. The wires and Endoskeleton is gone completely, meaning no possible injures can happen if this suit is worn.

In appearance, Purple Freddy is essentially a purple version of Freddy, it's accessories (hat, bowtie, microphone) are purple aswell. It's hat, microphone and bowtie are actually detachable.


  • Some say that Purple Freddy has some connection to the Shadow Freddy that people hallucinate. This is backed up by it's Purple Tint.
  • Purple Freddy (during 1987) was torn apart, despite no Toy Animatronic having a purple fur texture.
  • Purple Freddy is usually in the Safe Room, but as said in History, vanished after Purple Guy was done destroying all the animatronics.
  • There has been a Purple Freddy endoskeleton found in the rubble of the Safe Room, the coding seems intact and has very similar coding to Freddy Fazbear's and Golden Freddy's (without Spring-Lock functionality).


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