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Know what you're doin', mate, my copartner Springtrap is watchin' you.
Springtrap Slide Gif

''Always at your service !''
-Quack G. Fowl, FazQuest

Quack Gosling Fowl is a hybrid between a duck, a goose and a swan, and in all of his appearances, he's a pacifistic character, even helping the nightguard.

Quack is a helper animatronic in this game. He has several effects:
◾Provide the Player temporary unlimited power
◾Increase the Player's power with 19%
◾Temporary anestethize Bonnie or Toy Bonnie, causing it to motionlessly lie on the floor.
◾Stay near the Music Box, blocking The Puppet.
◾Scares away animatronics that come near.

Quack has a 40% chance to appear and help the Player two times a night from Night 2 onwards. After Night 2 is completed, he can be toggled on and off.

Quack G. Fowl is a shopkeeper in FazQuest. He runs shops together with Pierré the Lory. While Pierré runs the Badge Boutique, Quack runs the Item Store. Quack G. Fowl also appears during Mangle's Gigabreak (Overdrive), when Mangle turns into the Mangle Launcher, Quack holds Mangle, and mashing the buttons will have Quack make Mangle fire, thus making him some sort of playable character; after the attack, Quack runs off-screen.

Quack is very pacifistic and willing to help.

His backstory is unknown.
Quack is the only animatronic that never attacks the nightguard.

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