A game that automatically downloads onto your computer when you do.. something, its unknown what, all is known that to get it you must download some sort of game from the company Potato Games and complete it, its unknown what game it is.

The Game

The game is really not explained, it is shown in a similar manner as Thetruth.exe and seems to even be inspired by it, there is multiple minigames, and they keep being added actually.

Minigame 1

The name of this minigame is unknown, you play as the Puppet, with a gift in your hand, you walk around an FNAF1 looking pizzeria until you find Springtrap in the safe room, with a corpse inside him, you must walk over to him, whenever you walk over to him, you drop the gift, and it opens, revealing another yellow bonnie suit inside it, after this the puppet will turn completely black, and fade away, ending the minigame.


This whole minigame does not have any other color other than black and white, the background is just complete white, and the person your running from, the person you play as, and the floor is black, in this minigame, you play as a night-guard looking person, and the puppet is chasing you, you have to run from him, and eventually you will find a box, your character hides in it, but 4 Freddy, bonnie, chica, and foxy looking animatronics go over to the box and pull you out, ending the minigame.

There Wasn't Only One

In this minigame, you play as Springtrap, with the purple guy inside you, in some sort of place, its unknown what place this is, if you walk around the place enough, you will find a gift in a room, you open the gift, a yellow bonnie suit rising from it, then out of nowhere a night-guard walks in, and you grab him, and then stuff him into the yellow bonnie suit, then ending the minigame.


  • It was obviously inspired by Thetruth.exe, Potato Games and ManInBlack Corp do work together sometimes, and their owners are friends, so its probably intended.
  • The "There Wasn't Only One" minigames title is very mysterious, there wasn't only one Springtrap, or there wasn't only one animatronic in the horror attraction?

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