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Rabbit The Rabbit is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all


Rabbit The Rabbit is an animatronic. Rabbit The Rabbit possesses the qualities an animatronic rabbit would have. Rabbit The Rabbit is not damaged. Rabbit The Rabbit has two shapes on its head that resemble ears that can be folded using very complex machinery. Rabbit The Rabbit has an object which it holds in its hands decorated with various strings and when Rabbit pulls them soundwaves are emitted. Rabbit The Rabbit has a clothing object attached to its chest. Rabbit has paint resembling shoes on its feet. Rabbit The Rabbit is the color that a rabbit would be.


Fazbear Entertainment made an animatronic. The animatronic was a success. So they decided to make another one. They looked and found a real life animal to base their animatronic on. They bought a suit and an endoskeleton. They put the endoskeleton inside the suit. They turned on the animatronic for testing. It was going well. They turned the endoskeleton off and waited a few days. Nothing paranormal happened. They turned the endoskeleton back on and got Rabbit The Rabbit. They picked up the suit. They moved the suit. They put the suit on the stage. They had Rabbit The Rabbit preform alongside their old animatronic. It preformed. It was nice. The children were happy. Everyone smiled. It was another success. A couple years later, they closed down. They turned off the endoskeleton. They lay the suit down. They took the endoskeleton out of the suit. They dismantled it. It became broken. They threw it away. Then they went back and picked up the suit. They ripped it apart. They threw it away next to the endoskeleton. That ends Rabbit The Rabbit's story.

Phone Call

In a certain night in a certain game, there is a human who's task is to send prerecorded messages to the human currently working as the night-worker in order to provide the guard tips and tricks. Next is the Phone Call describing Rabbit The Rabbit on a night.

"Uh, hello there. I am here to provide you with tips and tricks for the night. It looks like it will be easy but it is not. There is something here that shows various traits with similarities to a rabbit. Its name is Rabbit The Rabbit. Rabbit is an animatronic. It is evil. It might want to kill you but it might not. To keep it away you have to- Oh no *Twitch *Twitch* Please Rabbit The Rabbit don't do it *Twitch* *Twitch* "Ha ha ha ha ha ha". Ahhhhhh. *Static noises*."

-Phone Human, Five Nights at an Animatronic's, A Night in the game


Bear The Bear

Bear The Bear and Rabbit The Rabbit have a relationship.


  • Rabbit The Rabbit is an animatronic.
  • Rabbit The Rabbit is a rabbit.
  • Rabbit The Rabbit is fannon.
  • Rabbit The Rabbit is a little bit evil.


Credited to Gaomon332 and South Ferry