The following is a list of extremely rare Freddy Fazbear items bought by our company. For each item, we did our best to give the items history.

Platinum Gem Freddy

Platinum Gem Freddy is a blue colored version of Freddy Fazbear, created in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1980).

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Platinum Gem Freddy was created when Fazbear Entertainment decided to revisit the idea to use spring locks to create a suit which doubled between both an animatronic and a suit. Fazbear Entertainment utilized the two original animatronics, Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie, for a base for their suit. The new suit was indeed a success, due to the spring locks not being sensitive and therefore, whenever the suit was utilized, there would be no chance of a person being crushed due to a Spring lock failure.

Due to the fact this suit could be worn without danger, Platinum Gem Freddy was stolen and utilized by the Purple Man in order to lure five children into the back of the Pizzeria. Each of them were brutally murdered. 

This tragic event caused the pizzeria to shut down, and the Platinum Gem Freddy suit and many other rare artifacts were sold at public auction. Our company bought Platinum Gem Freddy at this auction.


Cherry bonnie 000002

Bonina is a female version of the Bonnie animatronic, created when Fazbear Entertainment was preparing the grand reopening of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1986.

Fazbear Entertainment placed an order for six metal endoskeletons for use on their brand new hard-cased suits. When the order was shipped, a seventh endoskeleton was accidentally shipped. Instead of returning this extra endoskeleton, Fazbear Entertainment quickly thought of a new animatronic to use with this extra endoskeleton. Fazbear Entertainment decided on a female version of the new Toy Bonnie animatronic. They called it Bonina. Fazbear Entertainment placed an order for a red colored version of Toy Bonnie's suit. The suit eventually arrived, and Bonina was placed in the parts and service room until she was completely ready for use.

Bonina was tampered with during her time in the parts and service room by the Purple Man. The Purple Man was hungry for another set of dead children, so he programmed Bonina to find five children and lure them to the back room, and murder them.

Eventually, the pizzeria was forced to close down because of the infamous Bite of '87. The toy animatronics which were in use were scrapped. The original four animatronics and Bonina were kept in hopes of a future revival of the pizzeria, albeit in a much smaller location.

In 1992, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was reopened with a smaller budget.

During a birthday party, Bonina's tampering from five years prior caused her to lure five children to the back of the pizzeria. She murdered them and stuffed the bodies into spare Freddy Fazbear suits.

A random person was falsely convicted of the murders, and sent to prison.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza had to close down again because of these murders. Bonina's suit was sold at public auction to our company.

Credited to South Ferry

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