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These are various rare items from the history of Flora the Ferret's Premium Pizza and it's earlier incarnations, some of the items dating back to as early as 1988. Such items include old animatronics, rare merchandise, unreleased tapes and various other material.

All credit goes to South Ferry for the idea of a "Rare Items" page. Used with permission.

Blaine D. Bass

Blaine D. Bass was a wolf animatronic used in the pizzeria from 1991 to 1995. He has blue-grey fur, and would play a green bass guitar with the Supertronic Sound during shows. His name was meant to be wordplay of "playing the bass". Blaine was retired due to low popularity, and the Blaines in each restaurant were dismantled and used for spare parts, apart from the original, which was sold to an unknown client for $85,000. His whereabouts are currently undisclosed.

The Surprise Stage

A special stage from the pizzeria, used from 1993 to 1997. It was meant for "surprise guests", and it was placed in 22 restaurants. However, after the branding split of 1997, 19 of the stages were renovated and sent to newer locations, and the other three were each sold for $39,000.

More coming soon.

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