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Ravage is an antagonist in Five Nights at Seth's 2, he seems to be in a state of extreme disrepair. 
FNaS 2 Ravage


In game Edit

Ravage is a destroyed toy animatronic wolf, his 2 arms are missing with a bunch of wires sticking out. His feet and lower torso and has an endoskeleton spine that is half.

During Five Fearful Nights at RX's, Ravage's design has changed, he has a shiny body and a more bulky appearance, he still has his red eyes.

Role Edit

Ravage will appear in Cam 06 and will be sitting there, after several minutes he will than go to Cam 05 and will stair at the camera. Finally he will appear in the office window, if the player fails to close it he will use his wires to hang himself and jumps at you ending the night.

Trivia Edit

  • His color scheme is based off of Candy the cat from another FNaF fan game.
  • Ravage's jumpscare is similar to Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


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