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Ready, Freddy !
Game Information
Platform(s) Gamecube, Xbox
Developer Scott Cawthon
Genre Survival horror
Mode Singleplayer
Release date(s)
Port of
Proceeded by
Followed by

Ready, Freddy ! is a game originaly released for Xbox in 2002, and has since been ported to the GameCube as well, in 2004.


The gameplay is basically FNaF but with animatronics that must evade the nightguards, that patrol with flashnights. The animatronics have a limited power supply. Getting hit by flashlights instantly dactivates an animatronics. A danger meter is present; the higher the bar, the closer the nightguards are.


  • Night 1: Easy
  • Night 2: Easy
  • Night 3: Medium
  • Night 4: Hard
  • Finale: Extreme

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