Red the Rabbit is a red rabbit animatronic, and first appeared as one of the secondary antagonists of FNAF 3 (Caleb40043's version). He is shown to be one of the smartest, only behind Modern Freddy in terms of AI. He was formerly a child named Mark, age 12, before he was cornered by the killer (AKA the Purple Man), and eventually shoved into a spare red Bonnie suit resembling Toy Bonnie, Red was eventually placed in use, all while his corpse rots. As a result, he haunted the animatronic, willing for revenge. He acts as a rival to them in normal purposes, but as he got to know them during the night, his programming instead had him being a rival for fun, rather than thinking his tunes were always better.

Main Info

Gender: Programmed to be Male

Crush: Really?! He doesn't have one, animatronics don't fall in love in my universe. *Facepalm*

Behavior: Entertains during the day, but occasionally glitches, and tends to wander off at times due to free roaming.

FNAF 3 Information

Starting location: Red's Lair

Becomes active on: Night 2

AI: When you focus the camera on a certain spot, he might bypass that area, he'll do this more often on later nights. He also adapts to the player's strategy, similar to Modern Freddy, though he usually undergoes a normal strategy until Night 3. If you keep closing both doors for an extended period of time, he will teleport in the office and jumpscare you.

FNAF: Before the Final Chapter Information

NOTE: He is a phantom in this game.

Becomes active on: Night 3

AI: He randomly appears at the show stage, staring at the camera. If the player fails to switch the cameras, cut the power off, or reboot the camera, he will appear in the office, staring at you, disabling your lights and vents. He leaves after 10 seconds, causing an audio error.


  • He can be seen crying oil, this is due to him remembering his times as a child before being stuffed into a suit by the killer.
  • He is often the 2nd most aggressive, behind Modern Freddy.

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