Well it's about time that I shot for new rights. No, there is not a thing wrong with chat moderating, no. It's just getting really stale.. Not only that, I wish to support this place even more. So, the zombie man ended up doing this. What I definetly WILL do, clean out the deletion stuff, stub some things, you know, usual things. But you know what? That's pretty much it.

Not really. The zombie man wants to support this place as much as possible and will gladly request for admin to do so.

A few things why I think I should be admin:

  • VERY VERY active. (Before I took a 3 day break, my streak was at 162 since I came here.)
  • Happy to help editing. (Over 500 edits and over 500 categories has its perks. And this? Is just an extent.)
  • Making pictures for peoplez. (Gotta find a way to use my pro image making and editing skills, and this is the best way to do so.)

So. Is the zombie man IN, or is the zombie man OUT?

+ - Yes

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