Hello. My name is Your friendly neighborhood Spy, formerly known as Gaomon332 (Put that name up there because I'm lazy/it's fanon, ect.). I have come to this page to request a rank of administrator for this wiki. Now, you may be thinking "Gao, everyone hates you. Why would you make an app for admin? Are you trying to get yourself hurt with the results?" And to people who are asking that, I say. "Perhaps." Anyway, on with what you people came here for:

While the original standards suggested are no longer in place, I'll have you know I did in fact meet them. Perhaps that has nothing to do with anything anymore, but I thought it was something you should know.

I have previous experience with the tools of an Administrator, and I spend a lot of time on this Wiki. I'm on pretty much every day, and I have pretty good hours. The only time where I might not be online all day is the weekends, where I sometimes have to do some things with my family, but that is beyond the point here.

As you should know, we currently have a very small supply of admins. And most of them are usually only on pretty late at night (My time, anyway. They're probably still late everywhere else, though). As stated above, my hours are generally very long and flexible, meaning I'll be here to sort out a problem if the other admin's aren't there to do anything.

So, that's about all the reasons I can think of for now. Remember to provide a reason on why you're voting For or Against me, Neutral doesn't need anything.

git gud and vote spy today/

+ - Yes

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