This is a 2nd attempt at this after some time went by. Your opinion on this may change, depending on things.

Well, hello there. :)

I know the increasing admin requests here are getting annoying. Well, actually, there aren't that many. But still, I thought that this question was worth a shot. I would like Admin please. If you vote no, that's alright with me. I do, however, have some good reasons on why I think Admin would be a good role for me. Here are some reasons:

  • I am a kind user on the wikia.
  • I help users a lot.
  • I come to this wikia every day-and am here whenever I can be on.
  • I contribute an edit just about every day.
  • I've read ALL the wikia's rules, and follow each one.
  • I respect all of the admins and users.
  • I'm able to spot mistakes.(Grammar, spelling,etc.)
  • I've been here for quite a while now. I got an account back in September, and have been looking over without an account for about 1 year.
  • I do have admin experience on another wiki.

Well, those were my reasons. If I can't become an admin, it will be okay. Anyways, thank you for reading!

+ Yes

O Neutral

- No



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