Most reasons are recycled from the reason I should be chat-moderator, if you want that more in depth, check that page out.

Hello there! If you do not know me, lemme introduce myself. I am TonicHedgefox, a commonly active user on the Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon Wiki. I am currently (as in the making of this post) a Chat Moderator and Moderator. I make alot of pages that to me seem to get alot of praise. I make most people, mainly friends, happy, and try to liven up stuff, like arguements, discussions and roleplays.

I am a very honest and kind person, however, even if you are one of my buddies, you will not get away from my banning wrath if you break any rule. I have had expierenced Admin before, along with Chat and Regular Moderator. I would also be a great addition so I can help the wiki in design and community. Unlike other staff members, I don't kick/ban users for stupid reasons, like saying "Kid Squid" or stuff like that on the chat, but I have heard that has stopped. To me, I'm the most common user on the chat, leaving it on for most of my duration on my computer.

My only objections is my young age, as said, wont reveal, and being new.

EDIT: I also forgot, I was also involved with letting the Spanish Fanon wiki be linked with ours.

naoplzvote4tonic  #tonic4admin

+ - Yes

EDIT2: I have read a conversation in the chatlog about me being admin. I would use my admin powers to contribute, maybe change the theme and tell/kick/ban users who fight against the rules, or just bes a big D. Also, when I said "Kid Squid", I meant those times when people were kicking others to do that. I know it was harmless but was annoying for the users.

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