Just incase you're unaware or haven't checked my profile, I am actually TonicHedgefox. Due to being hacked on the FNAF World wiki, I've moved accounts for security.

I think I'd be a very good admin here for my experience with this wiki. Starting way back in 20th March 2015 under TonicHedgefox, and now almost a year and a half later. I've designed most of the logos (aka the image that says Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon that's at the top) and have contributed alot on this wiki. It'd be a pleasure to moderate a wiki I've loved for a long time. I will also be very mature if I do get this permission, giving punishments suitable for breaking the rules and making sure every page follows the Manual of Style. I'll also be friendly and help struggling contributors who can't create pages correctly.

As a side note, I could also be a "theme designer", where I will be in control of the theme under the request of higher permission staff. I believe my editing skill is quite good and I could make the wiki look fancy. Along with the theme changing, I can actually help with templates aswell.

The only thing holding me back is the heavy amount of bureaucrats, which could mean there is no room for another staff member. I also guess having two other requests could also hold me back.

EDIT: Quick edit. I have two more things to say. One, I'd like to revive this page to bring attention to other people, mainly the staff behind the wiki, since I've been getting positive comments saying I should be admin. I'd like to know what the staff think too. Secondly, I'm going to be working on a new Sister Location theme for this wiki. I'm going to currently be doing the templates but I could make one for the entire wiki.

guys is this broken v

+ - Yes

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