This is a very depressing story about the death of a man named South Ferry.

South Ferry is quite a boring fellow- he has a job which demands nothing of him. Everyday he sat in chat and did nothing, (his job), was a reminder of the inconsequential nature of his existence. You would think he would hate his boring job, but in reality, he cherished every moment of it. Why, why, why would he cherish sitting in a chatroom doing nothing? Because, why, in his mind, he could go on fantastic adventures!

On one adventure, he imagined going to the main page, and giving it a fantastic re skin, with yellow borders, black background, and a brand new poll. Down another path, he imagined blocking a spammer who was doing intense spamming. Another path, he created a requests page where everyone could make an application, and other people would vote, and eventually the decision would be made. Down another, he imagined adding multiple articles to the stub category, and characters category. Down another, he was friends with many wiki users, who he made images for. Down another, he imagined using all these reasons from these paths, and making an application.

But of course, every time he returned to work, it was a reminder that none of these things could ever happen. In reality, Ferry was actually slowly dying everytime he imagined these scenarios.

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