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More of a request for Moderator rather than Chat Moderator. Though, since they are listed in the same section on South Ferry's blog, and since there isn't a section for Moderator, I thought this would be the place that made the most sense to apply. Anyway, enough with the introductions, let us get down to business.

Why do I want to be a Moderator? Well, to get this out of the way, I do in fact meet standards for Moderator powers. While that shouldn't convince you right off the bat, I have plenty more evidence to support my case, so hang in there. Now, you may be wondering "Hm? But weren't you already a Moderator, Gao?" And if you are wondering that, I applaud you for keeping up with the times. Yes, I have in fact been a Moderator before. Why was I demoted, you may ask? Simple really, I pulled a Giga-Gravitational level prank on the wiki. Am I sorry for that? A little. If I had known how many people would detest me for it, I simply wouldn't have done it. I wasn't demoted due to doing anything against the rules, so you don't have to worry about that.

Next up, we have the fact that, currently, I have been on this wiki the longest out of all active users. It's true, I was not the first member of the wiki, but all the "originals" have either gone and left, or just... gone and left. In my time here, I learned how much I enjoy writing, I met a bunch of new friends (Some of which have sadly left...) and many other things that are only good. Now, would I want this wiki to fall down without me taking a step up and giving it a little bit of help as repayment for letting me do all those things listed above? Of course not! I love this wiki, and I want to help it to the best of my abilites!

And another thing, as listed above, I do indeed have experience with the Moderator privileges. It's not a very hard job to do, but it really helps the admins clean out the forums for spam posts, threads in the wrong forum, among many other things that I won't list here because the page would be 3000 more words long if I did.

Anyway, that's all the evidence I think I'll need for now. All B-Crats or admins or whoever can promote into Moderator status, I hope you read this and consider giving me a second chance. Thank.

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