Hello, my fellow wikians! It is I, Kami! I would appreciate the rank of Chat Moderator. This is because multiple people had told me to be a plain Moderator, I must have that rank. I am active both in threads and I have put an effort into being more active in chat.

If I get the sub rank Moderator, here are the following things I would do.

  • Close threads people want closed. I am aware South Ferry already does this, but the whole job shouldn't be given to just one person.
  • Fix grammar. Let's face it, people make mistakes. I have seen misunderstandings and RP mistakes caused by poor grammar.
  • Help deal with trolls. We occasionally get a troll on this wiki. What? I sometimes feel like the only one who notices these guys.

If you feel I do not deserve the rank, I understand. Thank you for taking time to read my application.

+ - Yes

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