Hello there, I am TonicHedgefox, a commonly active user on the wiki, I joined this year, which makes me quite new but I believe I could be Chat Moderator.

I am a very kind person who does tell people off if they've broken the rules, even if they are my (best) friend. I also have contributed alot to the wiki, check my category for my pages. I have expierenced being a moderator/chat moderator before, on both a Wiki and a regular Chatroom. I also think I meet some/most of the standards of being a Chat Moderator. Unlike some chat mods I've seen, I don't kick people for saying stuff like "kid squid" or stuff like that, I'd let it slide, but if spammed, I'd kick. I'm also a heavily active user, only offline when I'm asleep (which I usually sleep around 9:00pm or 10:00pm in UK time) or at School, but I am still active and I go on the chat, aslong as there are users there. The only things against me is because I'm a bit new and I'm young. I won't reveal age, however, all I'll say is that I'm young.

+ - Yes

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