Hey, look at that, I seem to be wanting to gain all my lost rights back. Oh well then, let's just begin with the "interview" before I get too chatty.

As you all should know, I recently lost all my rights because of a prank that I pulled. A rather large prank that many people believed. Now, I got my rights taken away from me because it was a part of the prank, not because I broke any rules or abused power with them, so don't worry about that.

Why do I want my rights back? Well, I never really meant for the prank to blow out of proportion like it did, and for that I'm sorry. I know I upset a lot of my friends. and made some people happy I want my rights back because I wanna help this wiki that I've been with for so long. (I'm actually the only person on this wiki who came here when it was just beginning that is still active... heh, I remember when we only had around 39 pages and didn't even have a roleplay board... Those were the days, eh?)I don't ever want this wiki to experience the downfall that my own has (We get around 1 edit every week, if we're really lucky) and I want to make sure the people of this wiki never go without someone who can undo some vandalism.

Since I'm applying for Chat Moderator (Which I already have), Moderator and Rollback, I like to classify myself as a Mini-Admin. I have a little bit of power in all areas of the wiki, but not as much as Admins do, who still overpower me.

Some other pieces of evidence that I don't have the time to write a paragraph about right now:

  • I'm ALWAYS online. This wiki is, like, my life. 
  • Have I mentioned that I meet the criteria for Rollback? Because I do.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you consider giving me the second chance that I want so badly.

+ - Yes

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