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A fan story by Theminecraftkid ENJOY!!!

It was early September. Some Teenagers were hanging out at the Pizza Place. They were shooing kids away so they could "hang out". Gamer Guy was peeking out of Parts/Service watching them, They were yelling at the kids (cursing at some). This made Gamer Guy angry. So he went back into Parts/Service and devised a plan. Then when his plan was ready he started it. He knew there were four teenagers, Three boys and one girl. So his plan had to be JUST RIGHT. So he started it. First when they had just finished yelling at a seven-year old, he peeked his head out of Parts/Service, far enough so the teens could see him. Then the girl noticed and exclaimed "WHAT THE FRIK IS THAT". Then he slid back in. His plan was running smoothly so far. Then he gathered Wolfy and Foxy. Then they followed them into Parts/Service. Foxy then shut and locked the door without being noticed. Then one of the boys suddenly exclaimed "WAT THE FRIK!!!". Then the girl took out a flashlight and turned it on. They all saw Disrepaired Gamer Guy and Wolfy. "WHAT THE FRIK" one exclaimed. Then another exclaimed "JESUS CHRIST!!". Then they all heard Gamer Guy whisper "You Can't". Then Wolfy brushed the girl on the shoulder. "GET OFFA ME UGLY!!!" she suddenly exclaimed. This enraged Gamer Guy so he suddenly lunged at her and bit her on the head. She started screaming in pain then they all ran out at once. "They won't be yelling at any more kids anytime soon" Gamer Guy whispered. They Wolfy hugged Gamer Guy and kissed him on the cheek. She was glad they got rid of the teens. They both high-fived Foxy as well

by User:Theminecraftkid1221

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