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rexy jr, (or little rexy) is an animatronic in "one night at rexy's" he is a lighter red, smaller body like balloon boy and can be more active than rexy. He has the strength of a normall animatronic, since rexy's gang have to be strong.


  • he looks like and is similar to rexy in many ways. This is because that rexy jr is rexy's son. it is not because of a wife (like wolfy), since rexy is just alone with rexy jr, he might have built him at night on his own.
  • the ball he holds in his starting point with rexy is like balloon boy's balloon.
  • He calls his ball "helium" as if his ball was his friend.
  • he can be a little idiotic in some ways, but he never cries about his dad, since they can always come back even when they are broken.
  • for those who wonder what his age is : he is 12 years old, explaining why he is tall as a 12 year old.
  • for some reason, he carries his ball with him and in his jumpscare.
  • in one night at rexy's 2, similar to the rexy plushie, when you click the rexy jr plushie, it makes a honk sound, similar to freddy's nose.

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