Risa is a waitress of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Her first appearance is in in Five nights at freddy's 3, although she is rarely seen within The Office. She appears from that game onward, most of the time following Larry the Lizard.
Risa The Raccoon Animatronic

Appearence/ Personality

Risa is a grey-and- white raccoon with golden eyes (appear to be light brown during the day). She wears a purple dress with black stripes. She is a very cheerful animatronic, although she is shy and can be angered easily.


Risa can appear on any night, but she doesn't help, despite her good nature. She prefers to follow Larry or go wherever she wants to. The angrier she is, the more power she can drain while knocking. If she manages to get in while enrages, she will lash out at the night guard's head with her claws, bashing the skull open. (Sorry for being a bit... WHATEVER here!)


  • She has a crush on Larry the Lizard.
  • The one and only time she killed a night guard was when she first got her job, but it was on accident. The power went out, and she shuffled to the office to say "hi" and warn him/her that Freddy was coming. The guard panicked and punched her nose, which launched Risa's instinct to kill.
  • Risa has a strange rage form, where her eyes are colored like Golden Freddy's. When this form is activated, it could mean certain death to anyone nearby.