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Rise of Sqeegee; FN@F Fanon edition

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This is a movie made by Theminecraftkid1221.


Sqeegee is back!!! but this time, in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


  • Gamer Guy
  • Dark Gamer Guy
  • Weegee
  • Malleo
  • Evil Malleo
  • Meegee
  • Meweegee
  • Sqeegee (of course)
  • Super Sqeegee
  • Dark Sqeegee
  • Final Sqeegee
  • Infinity Sqeegee
  • all of the Cutting Crew
  • Lindsalleo
  • Mikoto Uesaka
  • Mr. Handy
  • Dark Handy


Sqeegee Rises

Sqeegee enters and teleports to Gamer Guy. Gamer Guy fights Sqeegee and then Sqeegee turns into Dark Sqeegee. Afterwards. Dark Sqeegee Hypnotizes Gamer Guy.

Lindsay's Fight

Dark Sqeegee and Hypnotized Gamer Guy teleport to the office, in which they come face-to-face with Lindsay and Mikoto. Dark Sqeegee Fuses with Gamer Guy to become Dark Gamer Guy. Dark Gamer Guy uses his stare to kill Miko, after seeing this, Lindsay Kills Sqeegee with a knife, but Dark Gamer Guy is still not Normal.

Weegee arrives!

Weegee then teleports to the scene of the "latest crime", where he then battles Malleo. Then Malleo forfeits so Weegee turns Malleo into Meegee.

Lindsay vs. Evil Malleo

Evil Malleo escapes after Malleo is turned into Meegee. He fights her and then gives Lindsay his stare, temporarily turning her into Lindsalleo.

Dark Arms

Dark Gamer Guy appears in the office and fights Mr. Handy, then loses turning him back into Regular Gamer Guy, but turns Mr. Handy into Dark Handy.


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