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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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Roar Is a toy lion animatronic which works in Freddy Fazbear pizzeria(fictional.)

Info Edit


Species: Animatronic/Lion


Instrument:Drums (His Drum Solo:

Backstory Edit

The girl (yes,its a girl) that was stuffed into Roar was named September and always liked Toy Bonnie the most,explaing hes behavior.

Behavior Edit

His AI Level is 6-15,Making him barely active in early nights and extremely active at later ones.

Roar has a unique way of attacking the player,as sometimes directly attacks and sometimes not directly

In his direct attack he appears at the vent and acts similar to Toy Bonnie.

In his non-direct attack he appers In the hall-way and loudly plays his drums which attracts animatronics.

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