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 Rocky is an animatronic raccoon who appears as the main antagonist in Five Night's at Rocky's. He starts in the Hoist Room, along with Carl and Gabby.


Rocky was created to be named after Rocky Murto, the famous miner of Rocky Murto's Hoist. He was meant to tour people in the hoist. Later on, some guy named William Henderson was in a Rocky costume and lead 4 kids to the hoist and he killed them in the hoist. Will shoved one kid into the Rocky animatronic and the kid possessed Rocky. Later on, everyone started to notice Rocky and his friends acting very unusual. He later got crazy and started to torture adults (because the kid possessing him now hates adults). Then the creators of Rocky replaced him with a new Rocky. 5 years later he got destroyed by Will, freeing the soul of the kid who possessed him. The kid's soul and the other kid's souls scared Will and he his inside Alex, killing him and the kids disappeared.


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