Ru the Red Panda is ScourgesCustomPlants' first official animatronic.


Ru looks like a bipedal red panda wearing an Asian conical hat. Ru is also slightly shorter than the other Toy animatronics. His endoskeleton is quite low down so kids can hug him, only feeling the synthetic fur.



Ru monitors the play areas and keeps children from hurting each other. He is a favorite among the children and has to be cleaned after hours due to him getting quite messy. The staff also quite like Ru, even though cleaning him is quite hard.


Even at high AI levels, Ru does not move at all until 1 AM. Afterwards, he moves quite fast compared to the other animatronics. He is quick to adapt to new obstacles. (ex. If the player flashes the light 4 times on Ru in any room, he will find another path and go even faster.)


  • Ru will appear in the room with endoskeleton eyes and sharp teeth, covered in blood. The hallucination can be stopped by putting on the Freddy mask. However, if the player waits too long, the player will be killed by this Ru (nicknamed Secret Ru).
  • The words 這就是我 (it's me in Traditional Chinese) will flash on the screen, along with an eyeless Ru head.


Ru has a fairly high-pitched voice with a medium-strength Chinese accent. He also does not speak perfect English.



Ru pops up from in front of the desk and jumps into your face looking like he's about to hug you while screaming "Yaaaay!"


Secret Ru's jumpscare is fairly similar to normal Ru's, except beforehand the I-T-S-M-E sound effects will play and "Yaaaay!" is replace with garbled speech that, when ungarbled, sounds like "Help me, save them."


  • Ru is a Chinese name that means "scholar" or "learner".