Rusty the Wolf is an old animatronic who has a copper colored endo-skeleton and a green suit with a tore blue bow tie and some parts ripped off and destroyed. He is an odd one at that he was replaced by Foxy after day one so the company stored him for spare parts in the back stage. That was until Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria opened, where they kept him in the spare parts room. It is said that you can hear a howl at the pizza place at night.

Phone Guy's message's

Phone Guy(night 2): Hey, we uh.... found that god-for-sake wolf suit the other day. It had a weird smell with it so if you see it moving uh.... just flash your light and put the mask on.

Phone Guy(night 4): uh you know that wolf suit. Rusty was it? Yeah it got out the other day so if you can turn it off by the power switch on the back of it


" Hello Hello I would like to record a message for you" when rusty is mocking the guard on how they need the Pg's help.

"h-he-hey nice to meet ya care for a slice of pizza" rusty on the 2nd night

"Run please run or i'm gonna get ya" rusty begging the night guard to get out of freddy's

"i need you to suit you're self" a joke that he uses


Roy Olive

Roy olive is the child that's inside rusty he was a 11 when he was stuffed into the suit. he still wants to help the purple guy or as he is now called springtrap. Roy seems to like where he is and thanks the purple guy for this better chance at life he looks up to him as a dad.

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