June 9,2020

Inside of Carl's humvee

0630 hours

Carl began to review what he thought of freddy's so far "What kind of job do they have there.I mean working all night just to get you killed,No wonder the last guy was wanted to switch to the day shift."
"Calm down,We been though some tough is just like what happened two years got ourselves in to this so we mush finish it.
"It seem that we do."After the two was done with their conversation,They met up with the rest of the characters and explained what they are going to do .
The others are fine with it as long as the same thing doesn't happen as it happened to Carl."Hey Mike,can we see what you do in the day shift."

"Sure could use the extra help."

While some of our characters helped out with the kids,Bo and Jack slipped out to the room where Cam 8 Door that said EMPLOYEES ONLY was open,there they took a closer look at the old bonnie,It seemed that it was like the whole face was pulled only thing remaining was its lower jaw,It was creepy enough that they didn't stay around for very soon as they got back to the main room,Most of the characters were repairing the clown they damaged during the night they replaced the mask,Milk spoked to Carl about something about the animatronics."If your planning to go into your second night be careful,More of the animatronics will become active as the week goes all else fails your friends are going to have to leave the office and spit up." Back with everyone else something was up,the kids were wild up. They started to think the penguins were animatronics,in turn they tried to rip them apart. It took seven adults to stop the kids,Mike and Carl at that time got back and saw what happened, Mike then again explained why were the kids acting like this.

"Since then kids have been tearing our new animatronics up,The company made this new so-called activity where kids take apart the animatronics and put them back together. That hasn't been working out, the company denied our request to end that activity and replace the animatronics."

Everyone except the kids were shocked."Like I said be careful during your second night.

June 9,2020

2459 hours

"Are you all ready for this."Only the characters nodded.

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