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SCO-096 is basically foxy, backwards. It is from 6 Nights at SCP's.

Attack Style

It wanders around aimlessly and slower than most SCP's. If a player stares at it too long, or checks it too much, it will accidentally show its face. If the player sees its face it is only a matter of time until it attacks, it cannot be seen running as all cams glitch when it is going to attack.

Camera Appearances

  • Containment Room 2 (safe while it is in here, starting position)
  • Containment Room 2 Entrance
  • Containment Room 1 Entrance
  • Hallway 1
  • Hallway 2
  • Emergency Exit Hall


A tall naked, and pale (it has nothing to hide!) figure that tries to hide its face with its giant hands. It's hands are bloody, and it's fingers are grotesquely long.

Starting Night

2nd Night

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