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SCP-173 is the first, and most basic SCP of 6 Nights at SCP's.

Camera Appearances

It can go to:

  • Hallway 1
  • Containment Room 1 Entrance
  • Containment Room 1 (start)
  • Office Entrance
  • Emergency Exit
  • Emergency Exit Hall
  • Office Vent
  • Vent 1

Attack Style

SCP-173 can appear at all 3 entrances to the office. If it gets in the off it will disappear after the screen flashes black (blinking) after 10 seconds. After this it is any time between 1 second or 15 seconds until it attacks.


A petite tan statue with a bloody face, green eyes, and a mouth with sharp teeth between its eyes. It has short arms held out forward.

Starting Night

1st Night

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