SMAN is an incarnated version of Seth. He first appeared in Five Freaking Nights at RX's as the "boss" character.
Sman 3


Physical Appearance

Unlike his past appearance, SMAN has dark cyan color. His head isn't that large, in-fact, from the side, his head looks thin. He has a small skinny body and so are his arms, although, he doesn't display hands and fingers. He also has thin legs and square feet in order for him to stand. He has black eyes that show nothing but darkness. 

However in Nightmare Mode he looks completely different. He has now cyan pupils and shows no sign of metal but but displays a dark and aged/dirty blue color. He has skinny limbs and has a semi-big hand with 4 sharp fingers. He still retains his smile but has needle like teeth.

In-game Appearance

SMAN appears during the 5th Night as the only animatronic present. He mimics all the antagonists' behaviors but has his own jumpscare. If he appears in the hallway, his arms are stretched while opening his mouth.

In Nightmare Mode SMAN has a different strategy. When he is in front of a certain camera and not warded off he will jumpscare the player through the cam and forces the monitor to reboot, this can make SMAN either appear in the hallway or move to another room.


  • Nightmare SMAN bares similar appearance to Nightmarionne.
  • In the extra menu, his name is sman, instead of being capitalized.
    • This goes the same to Nightmare SMAN.
  • Sman is a short name for Stickman.

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