"Well, there is ONE more suit left, but it's been in the storage room for a while...I don't know if it will be ok to use, nor if it won't scare the kids."
―The Second Phone guy most likely refering to SMILEY

SMILEY is a character that appears in Five Night's At Fredbear's Remains


SMILEY has golden freddy's body, and a head with a yellow smiley face with a few rips, and dents on it. He also has some blood leaking on his body.


Little is known about SMILEY's backstory, but he appears to have blood on his body, meaning that he might have been used as a suit to murder someone, or someone was stuffed into him.

AI Levil

SMILEY is extreamly rare to see, but he can most likely be seen when set to 20 on a custom night.



  • SMILEY apepars to be based on an emoticon.
  • SMILEY is one of the most rarest animatronics to see in the whole franchise.
  • It's unknown if SMILEY is really an animatronic, or a costume. It's also unknown what Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria he was in, nor if he was even part of Fazbear Entertainment.
  • Despite it's looks, and it's name, Smiley is not a reference to Smiley Sundae from Riddle School.