Sakura the Squirrel
Some attributes
First Squirrel/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Spunky
Other attributes
Fourth Tailor
Fifth Went missing the year before Holly arrived
Sixth Japanese

Sakura the Squirrel is an animatronic at Freddy's.


Sakura is a pink squirrel with a black jacket, a white short-sleeved shirt underneath, and a red skirt with a sea green bottom. She also has black armwarmers with sea green ends, white headphones, a (fake) cherry blossom around her right ear, and black socks with white shoes.

Character Bio

Sakura was a dancer, but one day, she accidentally crushed a kid's hand with her feet, so they just made her a singer/tailor. She went missing in 2018 (the year before Holly arrived) somehow. However, in 2019, Holly found her in a secret room when she discovered a mysterious tunnel.

Social Life

Sakura is hard not to dislike due to her spunky demeanor. Sakura was popular among the kids for some reason.


Normal: She is spunky, outgoing, hyper, and kind. This is her typical personality, unless if she listens to classical music. She is also a pacifist in both modes.

Mellow: This is what happens if Sakura listens to classical music. She is mellow, calm, and refrains from jumping into action.

Special Relationships

The Annihilation: They are particularly hostile to her, due to Sakura being a pacifist.


  • Sakura is her creator's first unnaturally colored animatronic.

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