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Samuel the Sponge is a character in PvzFanatic's original comic "Cephalopods." He is one of the non-cephalopod characters on the show. He appears on this wiki because he is a security guard, working both the day and night shifts.

Samuel the Sponge


Samuel is a little easily startled, and he is nice overall. He likes to be kind to others. He has a crush on the only female cephalopod from Cephalopods, Kate the Cuttlefish.


He is a yellow natural-looking tubular sea sponge on a rock. He wears a black hat with the word "SECURITY" on it. He has green pores.


  • He is a non-anmatronic, sentient animal.
  • He is the only fan on character from a source other than FNAF on this wiki.
  • There are no animatronics or puppets or ghosts at the location he works at.

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