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Don't panic.-Sangerius' catchphrase.


Sangerius is a being of an unknown origin and species, serving as a guide for newcomers to his homeworld. He appears almost completely red, except for a black figure inside the red figure controlling its movement. Several tendrils extend for Sangeruis' back, also.


Sangeruis came from an alternate reality; there, he was a guide to anyone who was smart enough to figure out how to travel between dimensions. Due to an accident, The Chef, Lindsay, Tinsay, and Mr. and Mrs. Handy were sent to his dimension, where he had the job of guiding them back. Not having much purpose in his world, he went with the others back, and cleared any memory of them going to another dimension. Instead, everyone thinks he is a old animatronic prototype.


Sangeruis doesn't show much emotion, having only a robotic male voice that can't emote very well. His intelligence and sarcasm are enough to still have a few friends, though.

Special Relations

Flesh-Flesh finds that the both of them aren't much personality-wise, so that's common ground for them to talk over; the two get along okay, though a rivalry can be seen between the two for social interaction.

Alex Bartman-Some people are frightened by Sangeruis, in appearance, and Alex is a perfect example. Sangeruis tries explaining to him he isn't a demon spawn from the pits of hell, but he has his mind set.

Animeterex-Once the two found out about each other, they decided they should converse more; the two both are very talkative around each other, and can be considered close.


In the one FNAF-like game he is in, A DLC for the first game, he replaces Bonnie, as a slower, yet more dangerous animatronic. Once at a closed doorway, he moves to the other doorway shortly, in a vicious cycle until he decides to back off for a couple hours. Should he catch you, his jumpscare is popping in front of your face, tendrils ready.


-Rarely, he can act as a phantom, by non-lethally jumpscaring you from a certain camera. You can tell if he is about to attack if he starts glowing.

-He can also appear similiar to Golden Freddy, by appearing when you pull down the camera. You must pull up the camera almost immediately or he will crash your game.


-Appears as a playable character in a campaign in Left For Five Nights.

-Appears in the A Night at Freddy's cast and the DLC for it. The content can be found on the page for all DLC.


-The Latin word for blood is Sanguinis. Sangeruis's name comes from this word, as his body is the color of blood.

-Sangeruis has a family of beings just like him, but they are never seen, and are probably not going to be debuting in any games, if made at all.

-The Manifestation can't infect him; since he has no nervous system, the virus can't tap into to see the colors and animatronics. As such, he doesn't know they exist.

-He breaks the fourth wall when he crashes your game; your computer and\or phone background after Sangeruis crashes your game will be IT'S ME.


Do not be scared. My appearance is merely the result of a less-than-beautiful and nonhuman parents.

Marrying? Sorry,I can't marry. I have nothing that would be of any appeal to the other sex. Plus...I look like an alien.

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