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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Sanic Hegehog

Ur to slow

Sanic(Sanikku) is an antagonist in Five Nights at Sanics. He is stupid and was Born in 2010. He is the fastest character able to travel faster than light. He will be voiced by Hyper Anon when the game comes out. He can turn into Super Sanic when combining the 7 kayoss emeralds. He will die in a future game. He will apparently appear in all the Five Nights at Sanic's games. He is very energetic and the first on to move. He can go Hyper Sanic by finding the soopah emeralds and the mastah emeralds. He can turn into dark sanic and mlg sanic but hyper,dark,and mlg will be used in a future game. He appears everywhere in Sanic Land.


Sanic is usually helpfull to his other friends. He is very stupid and is usually with some other people. He is usually caring because he want to make you part of Sanic family.

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