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Scottgames: Island of Chaos! is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.

Scottgames: Island of Chaos! is a platform/adventure game featuring characters from Five Nights at Freddy's and more!


Playable Characters

Freddy Fazbear (FNAF World)

Bonnie (FNAF World)

Chica (FNAF World)

Foxy (FNAF World)

Coffee (The Desolate Hope)

D-Co 9 (The Desolate Hope)

Tyke (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Chipper (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Flan (Legacy of Flan)

Kitty (Kitty in the Crowd!)

Non-Playable Characters

Krakmus (Original)

Seabill (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Lolbit (FNAF World)


Springtrap (FNAF World)

Chipper-Bot (Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.)

Agnews (Original)


On Una Island, a strange force was coming from the volcano. It was Angews planing to destroy the Island and become the Overworld leader of five worlds (The main characters worlds). Krakmus and his people then decided to summon the "The Legendary Ten". But Agnews then destroyed the power of the island used to summon the heroes the exact moment the heroes were summoned. The heroes were then scattered throughout the island except two. Freddy Fazbear and Tyke were luckily summoned right next to Krakmus and his people. Krakmus then told Freddy and Tyke what was happening to their island and told them they need to find there friends and others to help stop Agnews. They agreed and started their adventure. Meanwhile, Agnews then took control of all FNAF Plushies, Lumberbots and Flans (Except the playable Flan). Agnews then uses them to stop the heroes. Will the heroes be victorious or will they fall in defeat along with the island?



Una Island (Main Stages/20 whole stages)

FNAF World Simulation (5 Stages)

Chipper and Tyke's World Simulation (5 Stages)

The Desolate World Simulation (5 Stages)

Flan World Simulation (5 Stages)

Kitty's World Simulation (5 Stages)

The Volcano/Agnews Lair (Final Stage)

Hub World

Tangles Upgrade Shop

Seabills Costume Shop

Krakmus's Fountain


Original Freddy (Freddy from the Horror Games)

Original Bonnie (Bonnie from the Horror Games)

Original Chica (Chica from the Horror Games)

Original Foxy (Foxy from the Horror Games)

Lumber-Tyke (A Lumber Bot version of Tyke)

Chippers Revenge (Chipper Boss from FNAF World)

Steam Coffee (A representative of a Coffee Pot being stemmed up)

Glitchy D-Co 9 (a glitchy version of D-Co 9)

Virtua Flan (a Virtual version of Flan)

Pirate Kitty (Kitty with a pirate hat...)