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Scrappy  is a soon to be added animatronic for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Chica3.0's Version).


He was built in 1949 for the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza called Ready for Freddy. When it opened a year later in 1950, Ready for Freddy was a hit, people were coming every day. In 1960, the location got closed and he was abandoned.  Decades later, he was found, but got rusty. They were going to scrap him, until someone made a petition and won. He was sold to the reopened Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.  Then he was storage until someone bought him. He is now stored in an unknown room of the person of bought him Headquaters. Scrappy is only on display, while traveling all of  the US and UK at the "Fazbear Exhibit". After, the exhibit was over he is going to be used for an unknown project. The unknown project is Disneyland, California's Birthday Bear Center. Scrappy's new name is Walt Fazney (spoof of Walt Disney) and will open up in 2018.


His appearance is similar to Golden Freddy, but his suit is red. When he was brand new, he looked like Toy Freddy, but his suit was still red.  


  • Golden Freddy: He is okay with Golden Freddy, but they do get into fights sometimes.
  • Springtrap: He is friends with Springtrap, but he doesn't like Springtrap's springlocks
  • Foxy: He is an inspiration to Foxy, after the bite Foxy got inspired by him, by being good, instead of evil.
  • Toy Freddy: He hates Toy Freddy for stealing his original design and trying to scrap him.
  • The 1.0. Animatronics: He is okay with them, but they can be a bit snobby to them sometimes.


  • He is the very first model of Freddy Fazbear.
  • Scrappy is the only Phantom Animatronic to be a true animatronic.
  • He is also half-Withered, but you can't see his jaw.
  • He lost his eyes due to them rotting.
  • Like Golden Freddy, Fazbear Entertainment hid him in the storage room or else Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will close.
  • Sometimes, he can be very aggressive if you harm him, so he can attack you.
  • His hat is actually removable.
  • His original name was Phantom Fredbear.
  • He is also a hallucination, but he's considered still an animatronic.
  • Even though he looks scary, he is super kid friendly.
  • He is considered a phantom because when he attacks you it doesn't kill you.


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