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Read this first: (Creepy pasta) Scratched Out

Where do I begin? OK. I was building some internet user's OC from FNAF, whatever that is out of Legos. But then my phone rang. It was some lady asking "babysit Joe and Emily again". I knew where to take them. I pulled up my laptop, and typed in "scratch cat's coding center". I got 100,000 results. At the first one, I got a site called I read that the characters have been redesigned to be more safe, more smart, and nicer. I wanted to take the kids there. My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. The lady came in with Joe and Emily. She said, "Be good with Richie!" I rode my scooter, and the kids walked. At last we got there. The stage still had Scratch Cat, Tic, and Tac on stage, but they looked different from when I last went there. Tic was now green, and he had blue eyes and no bloody smile. Tac was now wearing a T-shirt that said, "Dive in!" We watched a show. This song was first singing "Happy Birthday" to some random kid. Then came a song about drinking beer. The kids sang the McPick 2 song to that. Then came the scary part.

Chapter 2: I have no idea

Joe ran into the "Employees ONLY" room. Of course, Emily followed him. I took one look and screamed.

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