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(A big note here, this is Enderspring's new acc bcuz i lost mah pass again and i didn't feel like changing it and that acc was old anyways so yea bye, and this lindsays death thing is not canon yet, that is up to MIB.)

Its been a while since SFP has been heard from, however, late reports show that odd interferences with communications are around the area.

Beware he lives.


SearchForPurple, since lindsays death (Note: lindsays death has not been confirmed canon, she could be revived, or it just didn't happen since Deus Ex Machina is getting a remake called Legacy), has been in-active, however, recently, it is reported he has re-activated on another computer, however, now his embodiment is different, instead of a purple bonnie, it looks like a blackish-purple dripping wet always spazzing out bear suit that looks like it's been in the sewers 100 times before, it doesen't smell good, either, this new embodiment is more powerful than the purple bonnie, even though he has no super-natural powers, his pure strength is enough to punch a hole through 200 brick walls, a force to be reckoned with, but he usually doesen't appear in this form, only when he has an assassination target.


He still poses as a threat to whoever knows him, he is very confident in his abilities, saying things like "I could punch a hole right through your dumb head if I wanted, and you can't anything about it.", SFP is more arrogant and devilish this time around, almost taunting his enemys everywhere he goes with encoded messages, he usually says his messages in a combination of wing dings and binary this time around.

His latest message is a message in Wingdings, however this message can only be seen if SFP gets on your computer, SFP displayed this message by modifying an old version of System X to fit his theme, which explains the similar appearance.

The SFP program can get onto your computer randomly, and is infested into half of the programs on the internet now, which means it can get onto your computer very easily.


Appeared a few times,




SFP's theme.


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