• CAM 01: The Storage Closet. Just a little closet, with a few shut down computers (what the heck) and an endoskeleton.
  • CAM 02: Lazy's Ocean. A large room with its own swimming pool and indoor sandbox. There are also plastic seagulls hanging from the sky.
  • CAM 03: Entrance Hall. JUST A HALL!

Lazy the Shark

Lazy is an animatronic gray shark who starts in a room called Lazy's Ocean. She is the main mascot of Lazy's PlayTime Center.


Lazy starts on Night 2. Her jumpscare is her jumping at you.


  1. Lazy killed a five-year-old. OK, not Lazy, but according to the theory, a fired employee snuck into the suit and shot a five-year-old in the neck while he was playing with a plastic dinosaur and a rubber duck. Proof: The rules sign, saying Little ones, stay close to your parents. and Never use the suits., and the dinosaur and duck in the pool.

Tugs the Turtle

Tugs is a waterproof animatronic green turtle who starts in Lazy's Ocean. He is the most loved animatronic, with TONS of drawings each day.


  1. Tugs stole Template:Username's Jeep. THIS IS DA PUFECT FNL VIDIO EVER!
  2. Tugs is a good guy. According to the theory, Tugs leans in to tell you that your Jeep was stolen, but he instead makes all this $+@+1¢ (GUESS WHAT THAT IS) because his voice box shut down, and you die from your ears exploding.


Tugs starts on Night 1. If you don't check CAM 02 for about a minute, Tugs will slowly walk down the Entrance Hall, lean in, and kill you. To stop him, turn off the lights, monitor, and clock-radio. Sometimes, he sings "My Body Lies Over The Ocean" in the most obnoxious squeaky voice.

Kilo the Wolf

Saturated Lazy

Dime The Killer Unicorn

Dime The Unicorn is a new animatronic. He is a killer.

Dream Handy

Adam the Heckler Ladybug

Adam is a ladybug that heckles everybody who gets close.

Withered Tuggie

Withered Bloody


He is a boy. I moved him to Seven Days at Lazy's 2. Check his section there! Also, he's gonna be in SDAL 2, 4, and 5.

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