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The End of Lazy

This page will cover the last nights of Seven Days at Lazy's. The two places that ended some stuff: Lazer's Bullying Bathroom and the Enemy Band at Apple. They broke apart to break a little story...

Golden Cat-cropped

Lazer the Bullying Shark

Lazer is used in the 2086 place called Lazer's Bullying Bathroom, along with CleanE the Salamander. She has some green underwear and shirt, red wounds, some purple muscle, and 11 square veggies. She has grey spots in the middle of her in few locations (I'll put some on her neck also), a silver-colored neck, and some of her endoskeleton is blue.


Lazer and CleanE are rarely thinking. CleanE rarely thinks stuff that Lazer really wants her to think, and CleanE stops doing them. Lazer never is calm with her. However, even though Lazer and CleanE can't stay sitting, (I mean, they weren't broken or anything) they always rarely do. Like CleanE, Lazer always censors (I told you that location was less for children, even though adults still went here).

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