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Withered Lazy

Pluggy the Frog

Pluggy the Frog is Platey's brother.

Withered Bloody

Withered Bloody is the least favorite of the animatronics, because his gender is heavily debated. He is also the oldest animatronic.


Withered Tuggie

Withered Tuggie looks the cutest to kids. His bib says "Punishment Time", but it used to say "Yuck Yuck". He usually stays away from kids, as he thinks they are evil. He has eyebrows, like Bloody. He is broken heavily.

Withered Earthy

Withered Earthy is a yak, but he looks like a horse.



Turtle-trap is Violet Tuggie.


Handy is an orange animatronic with light orange swim trunks and a suit head. He is a male squirrel. He has to get to the Front Area. He is a good guy. Like Bloody, he can fix the mask, but Handy can save you.

Dime the Unicorn/Dime

He is an old animatronic.

Withered Adam

She has to get to the prison room.

Toy Lazy

She has to get to the Toy Room.


Toy Tuggie

She has to get to the Toy Room. The Toy version is a girl.

Toy Bloody

He has to get to the Toy Room.

Toy Earthy

She is the oldest Toy Animatronic.

Toy Saturated Lazy

Sunshine Lazy

Sunshine Lazy is a white animatronic.


  • NyanCat is the day criminal.
  • He is also an internet meme.

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