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The menu.

Day 1 Edit

Modes Edit

Normal mode = Stuff like 0/0/0/0 in FNAF 1.

Shark Encounter = Lazy is pretty active.

This night is easy to complete, and easy to refresh.

Day 2 Edit

Lazy actually gets far away from the Game Room, where she starts. You could maybe get killed. But, she actually goes back. The cameras can't glitch. Check the Parts/Service camera often though. Doing so tends to slow Lazy down.

Day 3 Edit


Tuggie is now active. She starts in the Game Room. Don't worry, she only drains power. Checking the Parts/Service camera is getting more important. Tuggie can get refreshed, and Lazy can too.

Day 4 Edit

The animatronics are very active. There is a 60% chance you will die. Lazy now says creepy stuff like, "Y-you will diiieeeee". There is a 70% chance you will run out of power. They fight, too. (LOL)

Day 5 Edit

Modes Edit

Normal mode = Stuff like 20/20/20/20 in FNAF 2.

Killer Fiesta = Stuff like Golden Freddy Mode in FNAF 2.

If you complete this day and on, you can share it through Email or Message Sender.

Email Sharing Edit

This happens:

See my SDaL 3 progress!

Play the game:


Came from le Nyan

Then they open the day in the project, with a "Congrats!" message.

Message Sender Sharing Edit

The message gets sent. The person opens the day, with a "Congrats!" message.

Night 6 Edit

Modes Edit

Normal mode = Stuff like 20/20/20/20 in FNAF 2.

Killer Fiesta = Stuff like Golden Freddy Mode.

Crazy Lazy = Lazy is very active.

Die =Stuff like 1/9/8/7 in FNAF 1.

Pre-Completed Days Edit

There are 10 of these.

Day 1 Edit

Say hello = Stuff like 20/20/20/20 in FNAF 1.

Robot = Stuff like 0/0/0/0.

SDAL Challenge = Stuff like 1/9/8/7.

Kill a Guard! = Stuff like 20/20/20/20 in FNAF 2.

Guys = Stuff like Freddy's Circus in FNAF 2.

Shark will Bark = Stuff like Golden Freddy Mode.

Turtles = Stuff like New and Shiny in FNAF 2.

In the Office = Stuff like Double Trouble in FNAF 2.

Night 7 Edit

Characters Edit





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