SNaS's is a game. There are 8 Animatronics. Animatronics:

Sackboy is the main focus of the Game. Incase you never Played LBP, Sackboy is a Character who looks human but is made of Cloth. He is Brown. He wears a Tuxedo, A Bowtie, and a Hat, All Actual pieces from LBP. He holds a Trumpet, as the Vocalist is Alex. His Zipper when Unzipped(If ever) Shows that Many Things are inside of him.

Steve is the Guitarist. He looks the same as in Minecraft, except he has Bunny Ears, which make him popular. Not much else to say about him.

Sackgirl is the Wonderful Vocalist and the one who promotes Food. She wears a Beak, also from LBP and a Purple Bib.She is my Absolute favorite in all of my SNaS Characters, no matter which version. She is Brown like Sackboy's and has feathers on her head from the Beak.(This piece is in LBP1 from the Chicken Costume.) Nothing else to say.

Alex is the Foxy-like one, as she hides behind Curtains made to look like Grass Blocks. She Also looks exactly like herself in Minecraft. Instead of a Hook, she carries a Diamond Pickaxe. She uses this to kill you in her jumpscare. PS on the game over screen, if done by Alex, her Pickaxe will be in you, Where your heart would be.

Golden Characters are The Golden versions of the previous Characters. They all are Yellow and Orange. Clothing is Black for Sacks. They do not crash your game thankfully. They usually are the same as the others, but once every night, they go Haywire(only on CN) and they break themselves until recontr