Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection
Game Information
Platform(s) Computer
Developer Poisonshot
Genre Free-Roam
Theme Horror
Project Indie
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Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection, shortened as "SNaF:I" is a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame. It is a free-roam with many animatronics. It takes place in a pizzeria named Fierce's Foods.


The game is a free roam, as in you can move around the map. However, there are two vents the player cannot enter; some of the animatronics can, through, and the player has to be careful when around them.

The player can defend themselves from the animatronic with a flashlight as well as a portable smoke machine. The player CAN see without the flashlight, but it is rather hard. Both the flashlight and the smoke machine have a limited supply, through, and you don't want either to run out because otherwise you are very vunerable to all of the characters. There are various ways to tell an animatronic in the darkness; thier noises, some of thier glowing endoskeleton eyes and some flickering lights around the map.

The guard also has a camera tablet. This allows him to watch the animatronics from a distance. Watch out for close animatronics through; they can do a surprise kill. This feature is useful to see in the vents. The player can also duck to see what's in a vent by clicking it when close to it.

There are various music boxes; it is confirmed there's one per room. It is reccomanded to stay close to them while surviving.


Michael the Minion


Michael the Minion is an odd animatronic. He is a light grey humanoid creature with a tail. He is somewhat short, but still one of Fierce Food's tallest animatronics. He hates lights and is stopped with the flashlight. He has no jaw and large eyes. A lot of machinery can be seen in the exposed parts of his suit. He appears to be made of plastic like the game's other antagonists. He starts in the Playroom. He is the most aggresive animatronic in the game and the fastest overall, but he is very predictable and does a lot of noises. He also can't enter vents.

Bodhi the Blob


Bodhi the Blob is Michael's trusty partner. He is lighter then Michael but this isn't very noticeable. His overall appearance is very similar to a decapitated Michael head, but his machinery is completely different. He can easily be stopped with the smoke machine the player carries around. Like Michael, he becomes active on Night 1 and starts in the Playroom. He is pretty slow, but he is sneaky and can attack unexpectly. He is one of the queiter animatronics as well. He is the animatronic that enter the vents the most. Him and Michael are Fierce Food's main mascots.

Drake the Fire Dragon


Drake is a fire dragon animatronic. He moves on four legs. He is red with no jaw and a yellow belly. He has wings but he cannot fly. Inside of him is a confetti launcher that can shoot "fire". He is along with Crabby and Bodhi one of the fan favorites of the restaurants. He is stopped with the smoke machine like Bodhi, but he is more resistant to it. He is rather aggresive, through less then Michael. He activates on Night 2 and starts on the Dragon Stage. While he CAN go in them, it is extremely rare to see him enter vents and he generally only does so in the late nights.

Drew the Water Dragon


Drew is the restaurant's only female animatronic and a water dragon. She is basically a recolor of Drake, except she doesn't haves a confetti launcher and has blue nails. She is blue, and her belly is turquoise. Her wings often bug up so she has to see engineers; she use "going shopping" as an excuse in the show. She is average among the animatronics, not moving fast but not slow either, and entering the vents at an average rate. Like Drake she activates on Night 2 and starts on the Dragon Stage. She is stopped with lights through she gets much slower when smoke is sprayed at her.

Drago the Forest Dragon


Dragon the Forest Dragon is likely the least liked animatronic in Fierce's Foods. He is like Drew a green and olive recolor of Drake, but with a smaller belly. He is the slowest animatronic, but when close to the player he suddenly rushes to them. He was made with a very short budget which explains why he is a recolor of Drake. The Fierce Food staff have been with no avail trying to find something unique for him. Stopped with smoke, activates on Night 2 and starts on the Dragon Stage. Frequently goes in vents.

Crabby the Crab


Crabby is a crab animatronic, but he was broken up for a yet-unrevealed reason. One of his endoskeleton eyes is exposed and his left pincer is missing. He is similar to Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 is that he stays in one room, but occasionally rushes to the player. Watching him won't do any effect, through. He is red, with six legs and small eyes. He is the shortest animatronic.Starts in the Repairs room and activates on Night 3. Vunerable to the flashlight. Upon closer inspection, it seems that his left pincer has actually been rammed through it's body.

The Doll

The Doll is not an animatronic, but rather a faulty costume similar to Springtrap. It seems to be based off Michael, but instead of thier normal eyes it has enormous eyes at it's sides. Moves around with a controller, through this controller is only seen moving when it attacks. Several holes are in the suit letting wires poke around. Upon close inspection, it seems that it might have a corpse inside of it, which is supported with the fact it has a red tint. It might be possesed as it seems to outright teleport around. To stop it you must make sure music is playing by winding up music boxes around the map. It starts in the Storage room and activates as early as Night 1.


AnimaProto is the first animatronic made by Fierce's Foods, but he was never used. He is an humanoid animatronic with two ears on his head. He has a lightweight design. He doesn't haves hands; instead, his upper arms are hollow with machines holding things that get into it. It is hard to remove objects, but he can still throw things. He starts in the Office and will become active at Night 4. He is unable to go in vents, but he occasionally tries allowing the player to run away if he is close. If he encounters the player he steals thier Smoke Tank and thier Flashlight, making them very vunerable to the other characters. He can't kill you. Both Smoke and Light work to make him go away.


GiantProto is the successor to AnimaProto, but he was also scrapped mainly because of his enormous size. He is less lightweigh then AnimaProto. He has a jaw unlike nearly all of the animatronics in the game. He doesn't haves hands at all but he has better arms otherwise. He starts on Night 4 in the Storage room. He can, ironically, enter vents, through like Drake this is extremely rare. He seems to have more advanced mechanics and mobility in comparison to AnimaProto, but he is slightly slower despite this. He mostly walks around doing his own thing, but if he is near you he will try to attack you.  Like AnimaProto, both Light and Smoke should make him go away.


VirusProto is a very wierd prototype. This one was made to test an animatronic with as many limbs as possible. He has a grand total of 6 limbs, and actually 8 if the tiltable head and base are counted. He has, coincidentally, an huge resemblance to Decimated from Five Nights at Tubbyland through he has three arms on his head. He is the fastest prototype through not the fastest animatronic. He activates on Night 4, starts in the repairs and can enter vents, which is more frequent then GiantProto and AnimaProto. He doesn't kills you but rather breaks the music boxes which means The Doll will kill you anyways. He is stopped with Light and Smoke like the other prototypes.


WheelProto is quite possibly the most passive animatronic. He is extremely slow. This prototype was made in order to make the most solid animatronic; apparently, it could survive 15 years without any signifiant damage if it's careful. He constantly emits "cute" mechanical noises. He often enters the vent. It is the shortest animatronic in the game and moves on wheels, just like Bodhi. He moves in a much less jerky way then the other animatronics. He activates on Night 4 in the hallway that leads to the Arcades. If he gets to you he won't kill you, but will rather break your camera tablet. He will go away if you shine your flashlight on him or douze him with smoke.

Fierce the Prototype Dragon

Fierce isn't really a prototype, but rather a scrapped mascot who was replaced with Bodhi and Michael. He seems to have an antagonist role. He is a black, feathered dragon with feathers around his body such as on his head, on his wings and on his torso. He, like GiantProto, has a jaw with sharp teeth, through the teeth is mostly hidden by the suit jaw. He has red eyes. His suit is made of fabric instead of plastic. He only activates in Night 5, but is extremely aggresive. He starts in the Arcades. To stop him, you must first flash your light on him, then douze the smoke on him. The opposite works too. Flashing your light or using the smoke on him for a long period of time works too but this isn't reccommanded. 


Night 1

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 3
  • Michael: 7

Phone Call

Hi, welcome to your new job! If you brought the flashlight and the smoke tank, then good job! As you're aware of, we're undergoing huge maintenance after a number of unfortunate incidents. We're planning to completely retrofit the animatronics as well through our current goal is fixing the location itself. We likely won't be able, through, and we might have to make a completely new location. The upper staff say they're introducing "new animatronics"...Considering how lazy we usually are we'll likely just reuse some old prototypes, fix the bugs and give them a suit.

Now you might wonder why we asked you to bring the flashlight and the tank...In truth, the animatronics you will see are rather...aggressive and will target your neck. We don't KNOW why they attack you yet, but most of them have a weakness to strong lights or smoke. The humanoid one, Michael is weak to your flashlight while the blob one is named Bodhi and will run from smoke. There's a reason behind those but it's boring and technical. We didn't try activating the others yet through.

Also you might notice this odd puppet thing. We just cal it "The Doll". It is very odd; it can apparently TELEPORT! You might've noticed music boxes around the restaurant. They're all connected to play sounds, but they need to often be winded up, because otherwise The Doll will cause a massacre across Fierce's Foods.

You have a camera system; it's unlimited, so that's awesome! Make sure nothing steals it through. Michael is not known for doing that through and Bodhi can't even reach you. Survive and you should be crystal clean.


This is a rather easy night. While it isn't a free win, the animatronics are still pretty easy to deal with. Bodhi can surprise you, but it is unlikely it will attack you. However, its partner Michael is pretty aggresive and rather scary. Use the flashlight on Bodhi and the smoke tank on Michael. This is one of the few nights in which using the cameras isn't too risky; it is unlikely the animatronics will attack you while doing so.

It is strongly recommanded to stay around the Arcades on all of the nights. There is no other entrance, which means you will always see the animatronics coming. On Night 1 and 2 you can also hide in the Repairs, which works the same way.

Night 2

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 3
  • Michael: 7
  • Drake: 7
  • Drew: 5
  • Drago: 3

Phone Call

Welcome back! Now you know why the smoke tank and the flashlight are important. Today we activated three dragon animatronics, each with thier quirks that I will describe here.

Drake is the red one. He has a tube that is connected to a confetti tank in his belly. He is rather fast, but he seems to slow down a lot when with people. Maybe he's shy, I dunno. He can make impressive jumps through...

Drew is the blue one. She's the only female and has nail polish. Originally she and the other dragons were friends, but then some wierdos drew them in love and we had to change them to siblings.

Finally, Drago is the thin green one. He's supposed to be a fast and sportive dragon, but he's actually the slowest. His confidence seems to boost when he sees people, through, and he suddenly rushes at you. He can take a more humanoid pose which can make him taller then nearly anything here.

That's all I have to tell you tonight. All of these are on the dragon stage so don't go there until they leave.


This night is a difficulty spike as there are a lot of animatronics at once attacking you. Drake is rather aggresive, but stay calm; he is less aggresive then even Bodhi when nearing the player. Drew is about in the middle; pay some attention to her but not too much. Drago is the main threat here; if you encounter him close, use your smoke tank on him; he's too fast for you to run. Otherwise, get away from him, through this isn't always the case.

Go in the same rooms as Night 1.

Night 3

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 4
  • Michael: 9
  • Drake: 7
  • Drew: 5
  • Drago: 3
  • Crabby: 7

Phone Call

Hello! You must have been pummeled a lot last night. Bad news, because we just fully activated Crabby.

Be warned; Crabby is a bit different from the other characters. For one, he mostly stays in the Repairs, so don't hide there. He will suddenly run to you after a while. Don't panic through, his footsteps are very noticeable. After a while he will stop and go back to the Repairs, but be careful; if you were to be in his path, he might attack you, and no one wants a giant crab to jump on thier face.

Crabby...he's broken, as you know. He didn't just randomly break. He was attacked by...a dog. I'm not kidding. Someone lured it in from the Dragon Stage windows with a bone. We don't know who and we never found out, we don't have outdoors cameras. For all we know he might still be roaming around...

Be careful. Hope Crabby doesn't tricks you!


This night introduces Crabby, who will very often surprise you and is one of the animatronics that jumpscares people the most. Learn his pattern. He will generally not run up to the arcades, so hiding there will neutralise him.

You can no longer hide in the Repairs because Crabby can attack you; he can attack you there even when he's not running to you.

Night 4

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 4
  • Michael: 10
  • Drake: 8
  • Drew: 6
  • Drago: 5
  • Crabby: 7
  • AnimaProto: 8
  • GiantProto: 7
  • VirusProto: 9
  • WheelProto: 5

Phone Call

Hey! They've activated four old prototypes. We're planning to bring them back as actual animatronics. The older employees are begging them to not bring back the first one for some reason, but us newer employees don't see why. I guess there was an incident with him or something.

We don't know much about these, so I can't really help you. However, they likely have very low defenses and using your flashlight or your smoke tank on them will make them leave.

Two of them seem to act a bit...differently from the others. The original one, his name was AnimaProto I think, seems to twitch a lot more then the other and is very undocile, not accepting ANY orders. The other prototypes, as well as Bodhi and Michael hate him with all of thier wires for some reason. Poor guy. Meanwhile, there's WheelProto who is very docile; he seems in perfect condition. To be honest, he may be the most working animatronic we've ever made. He doesn't looks like he's stalking us at all; he only does so when near the animatronics, likely to fit in or something like that.

Also, you might have noticed the arcades are very buggy. We just noticed there's an incredibly big virus on it which can spread to any machine...but it's designed specifically for OUR animatronics. It matches perfectly with thier behaviour; it's making them attack people if they're alone, makes them twitch creepily and it might be infecting this ca-

(After this, the phone call cuts to static and ends)


Four animatronics activate on this night, which can complicate things. Do NOT let AnimaProto near you; get him away as fast as possible. GiantProto's appearance is extremely rare, but he's stopped very easily. VirusProto can be rather annoying. Do NOT let him in; he will break the music boxes which will leave you vunerable to The Doll. Ignore WheelProto; he only breaks your camera tablet. The camera tablet is only a way to let the animatronic sneak-kill you by now, so it beign broken isn't a problem.

While you may be discouraged from hiding in the Arcades because of WheelProto's nearby presense, don't fret. Just ignore him.

Night 5

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 5
  • Michael: 10
  • Drake: 8
  • Drew: 6
  • Drago: 5
  • Crabby: 9
  • AnimaProto: 8
  • GiantProto: 7
  • VirusProto: 9
  • WheelProto: 5
  • Fierce: 10

Phone Call

There is no phone call on this night, but rather a lot of static. One can distinguish these words:

  • "I am"
  • "animatronic prototype..."
  • "the Fierce..."
  • "Bodhi..."
  • "Don't get close,"
  • "Don't trust"


Fierce activates on this night. He is not like Nightmare Fredbear in that he replaces the other, through; he is another threat, and a very dangerous one at that. He starts in the Arcades, the room you would want to go to. There are a grand total of four ways to stop him through. Once you chase him away from the Arcades, you should be golden.

Night 6

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 15
  • Michael: 12
  • Drake: 10
  • Drew: 8
  • Drago: 7
  • Crabby: 9
  • AnimaProto: 10
  • GiantProto: 9
  • VirusProto: 11
  • WheelProto: 7

Phone Call

There are still no phone calls like in Night 5 but rather static like in that night. Words can still be heard, with a different, ghostly voice:

  • "HE IS"
  • "FIERCE."
  • "THE CAUSE."
  • "HE GOT"


This night is just like Night 5, except the animatronics are more aggresive. Bodhi is suddenly a lot more aggresive, becoming the fastest antagonist. Once you get to the Arcades and chase Fierce away, use the same strategies as the last night.

Custom Night

This night works like the Custom Night in the original FNAF games. You can change the difficulty of the animatronics up to 20. It always affect thier speed. The Doll's AI is slightly changed on this night; the music box is changed to a much shorter music, but The Doll doesn't kills the player when it goes down; instead, it teleports around until it gets to the player, and then he kills the player.

You can change Bodhi, Michael and Crabby's appearance on this night, something which is odd. Crabby will appear repaired. Bodhi will wear a top hat and more of his base will be exposed. Michael will have no leg and arm suits and will hold a microphone.


There are a total of 25 presets availlable once the night is unlocked! It is unlikely you will run out of nights to play. Most of the presets give a reward in some way.

  • White Duo*: Bodhi and Michael are on 20.
  • Dragon Dance: Drake, Drew, Drago are on 20. Fierce is on 5.
  • Making a Splash: Drew and Crabby are on 20.
  • ProtoMisfits: AnimaProto, GiantProto, VirusProto and WheelProto are on 20.
  • Worst Enemies: AnimaProto and The Doll are on 20. Fierce is on 5.
  • Monster Trucks: Bodhi and WheelProto are on 20.
  • Evolution: AnimaProto is on 5. GiantProto is on 10. Michael is on 20.
  • Arcade Pros: WheelProto and Fierce are on 20.
  • Odd Ones: Crabby, VirusProto and The Doll are on 20.
  • Darkness: The Doll and Fierce are on 20.
  • EMPHASIS! : Drake is on 25. This is the only night in which an animatronic is higher then the level cap, along with Ladies Night.
  • Ladies Night: Drew is on 25. Like EMPHASIS!, this is one of the only nights to have an animatronic at a level higher then the level cap.
  • Big Eaters: GiantProto and Fierce are on 20.
  • Laid Back: Bodhi, WheelProto, The Doll and Drago are on 20.
  • D: The Doll, Drago, Drew and Drake are on 10.
  • Original 6: Bodhi, Michael, Drake, Drew, Drago and Crabby are on 20.
  • The Old Days*: Bodhi, Michael, Fierce, The Doll, AnimaProto, GiantProto, VirusProto and WheelProto are on 20.
  • New and Shiny*: Drake, Drew, Drago and Crabby are on 20.
  • Introduced: Drake, Drew, Drago, Crabby, AnimaProto, The Doll, GiantProto, VirusProto, WheelProto and Fierce are on 10.
  • Changes*: Bodhi, Michael and Crabby are on 20.
  • Free Mode**: None of the animatronics are active.
  • Bodhi's Challenge**: All of the animatronics are on 5.
  • Michael's Party**: All of the animatronics are on 10.
  • We are FIERCE!**: All of the animatronics are on 15.
  • Suicide Mode**: All of the animatronics are on 20.
  • Random**: The animatronic's speed is randomised on this night.

Note: * means Bodhi, Michael and Crabby's appearances are changed. ** means there is a random chance of at least one of them changing.


Use the same strategy then Night 6; make your way to the Playroom, then react when an animatronic gets near. Wind the music box when you can. It is very unlikely the Doll will reach you even on higher levels. If the Doll somehow reaches you, run away and make your way to the Storage.


There are many rooms in the pizzeria. All of them has been revealed, and there aren't any hidden rooms according to the creator.

The rooms in general have yellow walls, a grey ceiling and an also grey floor. The pizzeria looks in a far too damaged state, with hanging wires, dirtyness, water and even mold seen in some places. It is unknown if the place is even open anymore or not.


This is the starting location of the player. This is a discussion room for Fierce Food's Staff and also where they plan everything. The player can see many tables here. A flickering light is in the room. Many sheets of paper are spilled around the room; they are useful to discover information about Fierce's Foods. The two vents lead to this room. AnimaProto starts here.

Office Hallway

One of the two largest halls, and also the most important one. Many mechanical tubes pass through this room. Various control panels can be seen in this room. They seem to be bugged up, a possible explanation for the animatronics's aggresiveness. There isn't much to be said about this room otherwise.

Middle Room

A room in the middle of the restaurant. The player will often go in this room. Wires hand from the ceiling. There are some candy machines on the right wall. Tables are scattered around the room. There is a counter where plushies of the animatronics are sold. There is a chair in the counter. A pincer as well as wires can be seen around it, implying it was Crabby's location before he was broken.

Dragon Stage

The starting location of Drake, Drew and Drago the dragons. The stage is split in three colored sections, each section representing one of the animatronics. There are also several seats. This room is pretty often visited. Mold is growing on the stage. There is a flickering light in the back of the rooms as well as colored lights lighting up the dragons. A few mechanical tubes are also seen around the seats and the stage.

Dining Room

One of the rooms where people eat, along with the Middle Room and the Kitchen. There are many tables with rotten food on them. There is also wires and vegetation hanging from the ceiling. Posters of the animatronics are seen around the area. This room seems to be where the poster's pictures have been took. Michael and Bodhi apparently went to this room occasionally during the day. One of the building's doors is in here.


Michael and Bodhi's starting location. This room looks very different then the other rooms, having a purple carpet on the floor and yellow fabric on the walls. Most of the walls also have a white, comfortable structure on them. Pillows and bits of plush are seen everywhere in the room. There is a small stage on which the mascot duo perform.


The restaurant's kitchen and one of the many dining room. The arcades can be accessed from there. Many generic kitchen elements such as microwaves, furnaces and fridges are seen here. The right vent leads to this room. Most of the food appears to be rotten, and a lot of tube are seen in the room, especially the kitchen part of it.


A room with many arcades. They seem very glitchy and display random parts of the restaurant. These displayed parts are actually minigame triggers. The room doesn't seems to have much otherwise. WheelProto starts in the hallway that leads to this room. Fierce starts here.

Right Vent

A plain old vent. The player cannot access this vent, but most animatronics can (excluding Michael). The player can duck down to check if anything is in it and either smoke or light the vent up. It appears more mechanical then the original FNAF's vents. Not much else can be said about the vents. Bodhi and Drew seem to favor this vent, through they can also go in the Left Vent.

Left Vent

A vent which is identical to the Right Vent, except it is on the left side of the office instead of the right. It has the same mechanics; innaccesible to the player, but it is to most animatronics with the exception of Michael, ducking down to check if anything is in it, lighting or smoking it up, ect. Crabby and Drago favor this vent.


A storage room with many robot parts as well as mechanical tubes, trusses and crates and various other posters. The Left Vent can be accessed from this room. It is The Doll and GiantProto's starting location. The ceiling seems mostly clean in this room compared to other ones, possibly because of The Doll rolling around it.

Exit Hallway

One of the building's two entrances (the other beign at the Dining Room). Shelves containing supplies are found in it, as well as posters on the wall and a few candy machines. This part of the building is mostly accessed by Crabby and Drago; the other stay at the right and middle side of the building most of the time, through they may still enter this room and the other rooms in this side.


The room in which the animatronic character get repaired. Crabby is undergoing major repairs and is thus found here. Many animatronic parts such as legs, suit parts, ect are seen. There is also a prototype robot through it is likely only a prop since it doesn't moves. A poster of Crabby on one of the walls has been drawn on to say "HELP ME". VirusProto also starts here through he is mostly hidden among other robot parts.


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Fan Art Gallery

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Bodhi Bounce Ball

A simple minigame that is unlocked by clicking the grey pillow in the Playroom. This minigame, along with Learn with Michael, seems to be greyscale. You play as Bodhi, who, oddly, wears a black top hat just like his custom night variation. The goal of the minigame is to catch as much bouncing white balls while you must dodge the black one. If you get hit by a black one, the minigame ends with static. You can see Bodhi's alternate appearance from the Custom Night flash on screen during this. He seems to be on a stage, oddly enough. An alternate ending is unlocked by catching 25 balls. Bodhi will jump happily. The minigame will then fade to black and you will return to the night normally.

Learn with Michael

Another simple minigame which is unlocked by clicking a doll of Michael which holds a microphone in the Central Room. He also holds a microphone in the minigame. He is with Bodhi on a stage, with several children cheering. Bodhi asks him three random questions about a variety of subject such as Food, Science, and most of the time grammar. If you fail to answer all questions, Bodhi will ask him if he's kidding. AnimaProto will be seen peeking from a doorway, while a kid wearing a white shirt follows him in the doorway, then the minigame will end in static with "Microphone Michael" flashing on the screen. Otherwise, Bodhi will tell you your score and the minigame will end in the same way as the "Good" ending in Bodhi Bounce Ball.

Crabby's Cubic Craze

This minigame is colored unlike BBB and LwM. You play as Crabby. You are running forwards on lines of cubes, and there are gaps you must jump over. This is a bit like the FNAF3 troll game in the end, except there is a proper ending at the tenth screen, in which Crabby celebrates. If you fall in a gap, the minigame will end in static with a broken Crabby flashing onscreen. Right before the "Bad Ending" happens, one can see AnimaProto peeking from the left of the screen. When the static happens, one can see a bone where AnimaProto was. The minigame appears to take place in a beach setting.


This minigame is Atari-styled like the FNAF2 minigames. In this, you play as Bodhi again, except he looks normal now. The minigame is "3D" so you can move accross rooms. The other animatronics are in thier starting room, bobbing happily, except for AnimaProto who will just stare at you. There is a guard in the Office, who will wave at Bodhi when he comes in. Touching the other animatronics or the guard will not do anything. Fierce is in the Arcades; when you enter that room, he will charge at Bodhi ending the minigame. The minigame ends with a blue screen unlike all of the other minigames. The text is corrupted, which seem to imply it was infected by the virus.


A creepy minigame which is 2D and plays just like the FNAF3 minigames; 2D, in a glitchy purple and black space. You play as The Doll. There are two rooms; one is empty while the other contains 8 black dead child-like figures. Touching the black shadows will end the minigame; it is the only way to end the minigame. It will end in static, with The Doll flashing on screen, as well as Michael, Bodhi, Fierce, a variant of The Doll without it's controller, AnimaProto, GiantProto, VirusProto and finally WheelProto. If one looks closely, The Doll turns into a kid too before the static appears.


If you have any theories, put it here!

Location Theories

How much Fierce Foods were made in the past? What were the animatronics in it? Post theories about Fierce Foods itself here.

Animatronic Theories

Is The Doll possesed? What role does Crabby have in the story? Why did AnimaProto get a teaser of his own? Answers to questions such as these belong here.

Other Theories

Any theories not about both of these, such as theories about the phone calls, belong here.

Night 5 Phone Call Interpretations

There are six phrases that can be distingued in the Phone Call. There are various way this could be interpreted as. Here is a list of them:

  • I am Bodhi...Don't get close, animatronic prototype...Don't trust the Fierce...
  • I am animatronic prototype...Don't get close, Bodhi...Don't trust the Fierce...
  • I am the Fierce...Don't get close, Bodhi...Don't trust animatronic prototype...
  • I am the Fierce...Don't get close, animatronic prototype...Don't trust Bodhi...

Fierce cannot be the one that shouldn't get close, because it says "the Fierce". Since Fierce seems to have an antagonist role. it is likely it is one of the first two.

Night 6 Phone Call

There are a lot of ways to interpret this one:


These are the two main ways to interpret the call.


  • The developper is actually making "Several Nights at Fierce's" games. However, this is not gonna be one of them.
  • The game is roughly based on a ROBLOX game named "Fierce". However, the creatures the characters are is the only thing that comes from the game.
  • The Repairs was the first room to be built.
  • The reason why there is no real phone calls after Night 4 is because the phone was infected by the implied virus on that night.
  • The preset "Original 6" is based on the original 6 antagonist from when the game was first planned. Eventually, other characters were added.
    • "Introduced" refers to the characters that were introduced after this. Technically, Fierce was introduced before, but he was never planned to be an active antagonist until now.

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