Several Nights at Fierce's 2: Remaking
Game Information
Platform(s) Computer
Developer Poisonshot
Genre Free Roam
Theme Horror
Project Indie
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Several Nights at Fierce's 2: Remaking is the sequel to Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection. Like the later, it is an altered version of the actual second game, the main change beign that it is a free roam. The game is confirmed to be a sequel to the first game. All animatronics have been confirmed to return.


Like Several Nights at Fierce's 1, the player can roam around the map and check two vents. However, the game has a lot of other changes. The gameplay is a lot harder with the lack of proper hiding spots as well as the high amount of animatronics, as well as the dangerous and hard to use mechanics.

The player has no cameras, but rather has a portable tablet which detects the room the player is in. The player can, thus, seal doors around the map, stopping most of the animatronic's access to them. However, they can only seal one door per room. They can also seal vents, but only one of the two vents at once. Most doors are shared with another room, which means you can't close all of the doors to a certain room. The tablet has a detection system that detects if an animatronic is in the room or near it as well.

There are three kinds of errors that have to be fixed: Light Errors, Ultrasound Errors and Door Errors. When a light error happens, lights go off preventing you from seeing anything. They also glitch up the animatronic detector. Ultrasound Errors have to be fixed as quickly as possible, because otherwise The Doll will attack you. Finally, Door Errors will prevent you from sealing doors, through it won't open them up.

Some of the animatronics can open doors from a distance; this is explained by the management that it was added in case someone gets stuck. These animatronics usually only activate in late nights, but if they detect an animatronic is sealed in a room they will temporarily become active to open those doors. To stop them, you must use a taser you have. You have to get dangerously close to them and attack quickly, through.


In this game, the animatronics usually wait for thier turn. For example, if both Drew and Michael are about to attack, Drew will attack first, then Michael. The animatronic that attacks first is the one with the closest to the first letter in the alphabet.



Michael is back again. He activates on the first night. He looks mostly identical to his appearance in the first game, except his suit covers more of his endoskeleton and has two suit parts for his arms. He also acts very similary to that appearance; he is a swift character that will attack you a lot. He also takes off his head at times. He starts in the Playroom. He can't enter vents. He is stopped with the doors, through the taser will, oddly, stun him for one second too.



Bodhi is also back, activating on the first night like Michael. His appearance is more different then Michael; his endoskeleton was changed to be shorter and thus less of the endoskeleton is shown. He also wears a black fedora now. He also ressembles his original self, beign slow but sneaky. He is also rather smart, almost always having an alternate route to the player if the route he's using ends up not working. Like Michael, the taser will stun him for one second but the doors are the main way to stop him.


Drake comes back, with a new design! His wings are much more dragon-like now. He now has fire-shaped fur around his head making him look a bit like a lion. He has a plastic flame at the end of his tail, which is longer now. He also has fur behind his legs. He acts just like in the original game; he's rather fast but slows down when near the player. He starts in the Dragon Stage and is stopped with the doors. The taser doesn't affects him unlike Michael and Bodhi.


Drew gets a new, water-themed design. She has butterfly wings now. Her tail is like a fish's. She also has a fin on her back. She has noticeable eyelashes as well. Finally, her legs have fins behind them like Drake's fire fur. She moves at an average rate like in SNAF:I, but has a few changes to her AI now; she will usually follow Drake, but occasionally separate to double-team the player. Doors will prevent her from attacking you.


Drago, like the other dragons, has a new design. He wears a tribal garment on his head. He has artificial plants around his feet. His tail, finally, is surrounded by a lot of leaves. He acts like in the original game, beign one of the slowest characters but speeding up rapidly when near. He is one of the most dangerous animatronics in the game; in fact, some say he is THE most dangerous because you never espect it when he shows up. Doors will lock him away.

The Doll

The Doll is now more withered. The corpse inside seem to have mostly decomposed, except for the bones. A rip appears on it's torso. Both of it's arms and one of it's legs have withered extremities, exposing the skeleton foot and both of it's hands. The controller is mostly undamaged. The Doll has to be stopped with ultrasounds the player cannot hear, but that it does. If Ultrasounds go off, it will start teleporting away from it's starting location, the Backstage. It activates on Night 1. Doors are useless agaisnt it as the puppet will teleport through them.


Crabbette is a new animatronic. She starts in her own shop, the Prize Shop. She is a replacement for Crabby who was eventually scrapped entirely after the first game, in which he was broken. She looks similar to him; even the endoskeleton is similar (through different). She is like Crabby in the original game in that she stays in Crabbette's Shop but will occasionally rush to the player. The crab will be stopped with the doors, however.


Crabby is a broken animatronic, through he isn't actually all that withered. He is missing his whole suit but otherwise isn't more damaged then in SNAF:I. He starts in the Junkyard, hiding in a trash can. He acts a bit like Crabbette, but slower. However, unlike her he does roams, but only in the right side of the map. He and Crabbette become active on Night 3. It is unknown how he survived as the phone caller claims the trash can he was in was crushed by the garbage truck before beign placed into it. He likely escaped the trash can and hid somewhere else.


Gilgamesh is a new character, but not a new animatronic. He is actually AnimaProto from the first game. He still has his axe but it was modified to harm him a LOT if he harms an human. He starts in the Theater but only becomes active on Night 6, through he can activate before to open doors up; that's right, Gilgamesh can open doors. He has to be stopped with the taser, but if he attacks you on his own, he won't kill you, but will bug up your door system rendering it unable to be used, opening all doors at the same time, pretty much dooming the guard with a certain death. If the player somehow survives three hours after this, Gilgamesh will kill the player. He is a grey goblin that wears brown pants.


Richard is another new character, a "rocket demon". Like Gilgamesh he's actually one of the prototypes, GiantProto, in a suit. He also starts in the Theater, becoming active on Night 7. Richard is not blocked with doors and will open them up if they are on his path, but he doesn't opens them on sight unlike Gilgamesh. If he reaches the player he causes a permanent Light Error and will then run to his starting location, but will still move. If he reaches the player again, he will kill them. He hates the taser and it will cause him to back away.


Like all of the other prototypes, VirusProto was brought back as Wis the...materialized informatic tree? Very wierd choice, Fierce's Foods...He starts in the Backstage through he isn't broken; he isn't exactly the most major character in the theater however. He activates on Night 8 with Orlockron. When he encounters the player, VirusProto will prevent you from fixing errors for one hour, by messing with how they act; working mechanics will appear as errored, and if you try to fix them they will become actual errors but show up as fixed. He is stopped with the taser.


Orlockron is WheelProto in a suit. He is the guardian of the "ruins" in the theater, beign a possesed eye-shaped rock, hovering over a base with a beam. The base contains the animatronic itself; the rest has no endoskeleton except for making possesed part glows. He activates on Night 8 in the Backstage. He is rather slow and will open doors, having to be stopped with the taser. If he gets to the player, he causes all of thier mechanics to error up. He isn't as lethal as the other prototypes and generally isn't a threat, through it's still there and can be an annoyance.


Fierce is back, now broken up. The fabric on his legs, tail and neck has rotten away. His tail appears to be cut at the first limb. He is missing one of his toes. Wires are poking out of his jaw, implying it is broken through Fierce can still move it. Like in the first game, he is one of the most dangerous animatronics. The player has to face the dragon head on and tase him, because like the "theater" animatronics he can open doors. He is one of the fastest animatronics in the game and your time to react is even lower then with Drago. Fortunately, he only activates on Night 10. He starts in the Arcades like in the first game. He appears to have blood and flesh in his jaw, which implies he bit someone.


Dragon Stage

Drake, Drago and Drew start here. The room is filled with rows of seat. At the back, there is a wood stage with the dragons on it. The Dragon Stage to the Playroom and the Toilets. Drawings of the dragons can be seen around the walls. Blue, red and green lights make the stage itself seem more dynamic. Not much can be said about this room otherwise.


Michael and Bodhi's starting locations. Wooden chairs and pillows are scattered across the room. The floor is made of purple fabric while yellow fabric covers the walls. Drawings of Bodhi and Michael are seen on the walls despite this. You can go to the Dining Room, the Main Hallway and the Dragon Stage from here.

Dining Room

There are no animatronics that start here. The room contains the restaurant's entrance, as well as a counter and tables. The rooms connects to the Playroom and the Left Vent. Many purple and orange stars decorate the room. Posters of nearly all characters are seen in the room. Nothing much can be said about this room.


A rather empty room with a few toilets, a trash can and the same star decorations seen in the Dining Room. One can open the toilets, but nothing is shown. Places that you can go to from here include the Dragon Stage and the Prize Shop. Drawings are seen on the walls like in most other rooms.

Prize Shop

Crabbette starts here. It is a small room with a counter and shelves containing many plushes and figurines of the robots. Gilgamesh and the other theater animatronics are absent, oddly. This room connects to the Restroom and to the Hallway. Drawings of Crabbette and star decorations make this room less empty.

Main Hall

This is one of the you and the animatronics will visit the most. Connects to the Office, the Playroom and the Theater. The room has a red carpet in it. On the right side is a broom and a bucket. One of the lights on the ceiling hangs out of it; Crabby is occasionally seen on it, which can make a surprise attack.

Left Vent

One of the vents. Like in the first game you can duck down to see if anything is in it. The theater animatronics and Drago visit this vent the most; the others use the Right Vent most of the time. By sealing this vent and the door in the Dining Room, you can trap Michael here as he can't enter vents.


An office with many sheets, some of which are older and seem to come from the first game. Plushies of the characters are seen on a desk as well as a computer, a printer and various other stuff you'd espect from an office. The player starts here through staying here is not recommanded; despite the fact you can close all of the entrances, the theater animatronics will likely open one of the doors and most of the animatronics will camp at the doors.


A small room; Wis, Orlockron and The Doll start here. This room is similar to the Repairs in the first game, with many animatronic parts around the room, including what could be Bodhi and Michael's original props as well as parts of a Crabby suit implying Crabbette might've been intended to be a "New Crabby" or that Crabby was planned to be brought back.


A big room with a lot of seats and a stage. The stage has tree props as well as a mountainy area with a cave and ruins on it. The trees on the stage seem to be moveable. Gilgamesh and Richard start here; Gilgamesh starts in the middle of the room with Richard starts in the mountain's cave. Orange curtains hide most of the stage.


A room very similar from the arcades from the first game; many colored arcades are seen in the room. There is a vent in it which leads to the hall that connects the Main Hall to the Theater. Fierce starts behind the arcade. Blood is seen on the floor on Night 10; Fierce is said to have bitten a child on that night.


A kitchen room with generic kitchen stuff like sinks, fridges and ovens. While no animatronics start here, Orlockron has a tendency to stay here for a while, playing an odd song. There is a carpet in this room leading to the Arcades, which connect to this room. Sealing any vents here is not helpful after Night 8 as Orlockron will likely open them as soon as they are sealed.

Right Vent

The Right Vent is one of the pizzeria's three vents. It connects the Kitchen to the Office. This is the vent Drew, Bodhi and Orlockron favor, going in here instead of the Left Vent. If an animatronic is stuck in the theater, they will usually use this vent despite the obvious access to the Arcades vent. Crabby will usually use this vent, through, and Bodhi goes in it rather commonly to ambush the player by surprise.


A room where useless and unfixable things go. Among the garbage, one can see a broken arcade, figurines of the animatronics with defects, and many trash cans, bags and boxes. Crabby starts here, hiding in a random place depending on the night; behind one of the trash bages, behind the arcades and behind one of the trash boxes.


The game has ten nights unlike the original game (not counting the custom night), despite having nearly the same amount of animatronics. This potentially makes things easier as less animatronics will pummel you at once. However, it also lets the animatronics grow stronger.

Night 1

Phone Call

Hey! Welcome to your new job at the new Fierce's Foods! These animatronics just want to HUG you! They don't want to kill you or anything like that! But they might do it a little too hard, how saddddd...

Bodhi should be mostly calm but he's set to make his actions faster each two days until he works in top condition. Michael is rather fast and will go faster each day.

To defend- ahem, stop the animatronics from hugging you, you have a maintenance panel. It is useful to, among other things, fix errors that may happen in the restaurant. You can also seal doors in case a pesky, nasty criminal comes in! If an animatronic is trapped in a room, it will become sad and one of it's SPECIAL friends will open the way! They have the fantastic power to open doors with a signal! The reason why we have ultrasounds playing is to make you not bored, through you'd likely be bored if you heard them. So you can't hear them! You have to CHECK the panel!

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 4
  • Michael: 6
  • The Doll: 5

Night 2

Phone Call

Hi. Welcome to the second day of your new, fantastic job! Drake, Drew and Drago are active tonight! *kid cheers play*

Drake is FAST! But he's, uh, a little shy. Especially to people no one cares about...heh. Drake's sister, Drew, keeps stalking him. She's more reasonable now, she doesn't goes shopping six time an hour now! It's not like there was a bug with her wings or something. Finally, Drago rests during the night and is thus slow. But he LOVVVVES you! He will rush to hug you if you're near!

Put a grand goodbye here, I don't have time to make one. Not like anyone-I mean, EVERYONE in Fierce's Foods cares about you!

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 4
  • Michael: 7
  • Drake: 6
  • Drew: 5
  • Drago: 4
  • The Doll: 6

Night 3

Hello our best top employee!!! CRABBETTE the DYNAMIC crab is active today! *suddenly, the call stops and bickering can be heard* ...Hello? I'm surprised you made it this far. I'm one of the previous security guards at the old one back at the renovations. This new employee keeps making fun of people, you see. So yeah, as you likely figured out these animatronics do not want to hug you. They're out for your blood. One of the engineers told me the arcades had viruses and that it was likely the animatronics have them too. That's why they want to kill you.

As that guy had the time to say, Crabbette was activated. Crabbette is not the original Crabby, I should be clear. But they act mostly the same. They stay in thier own little room until they realise they have no customers, and then they will rush to the guard, which is you in that case. Stopping them with something like a flashlight or the doors will reset them a bit and they will go back to thier starting location.

As for Crabby, he's supposed to be destroyed, but I really doubt it considering none of thier animatronics have ever been fully destroyed. Even through the trash can we put him in was crushed AND put in the dumpster, I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to escape somewhere else while we didn't look. He should act like Crabbette. He might be a little roamy, they added that before they scrapped him.

I don't have much else to say, other then that I'll make the calls from now on. See you tommorow!

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 7
  • Michael: 8
  • Drake: 6
  • Drew: 5
  • Drago: 4
  • The Doll: 7
  • Crabby: 6
  • Crabbette: 7

Night 4

Phone Call

Hey there! I listened to the tapes the previous guy made and found out he didn't give you a clear description of what we simply call "the Doll".

The Doll is a costume of Michael they made back in the old original place. He doesn't haves the old Michael's characteristic microphone; that was added later. Now, the concept was that it was a costume the kids could wear. When they wanted to test it they took one of the local prototypes and put it in. The result was disastrous, and they just left the suit to rot; they managed to take away the prototype and fix it! I think it caused a few errors inside of it through, for incidents I cannot speak about. Now, that thing is a bit wierd. It can teleport through doors, so don't think about sealing the Backstage it's put in. I know that's wierd and no one knows how it does that. From secret vent passages to it beign possesed, there's many theories.

As for those "Special Animatronics", they're some new animatronics we won't activate until your second week. Well they're not actually new; they're four of the prototypes which were retrofitted with a new suit. They didn't want to make a new animatronic after the expensive repairs of Crabby which led to nothing and the less expensive, but still big making of Crabbette. Now you might wonder why they can open doors; it's because they would try, and even potentially break them or bug them out permanently.

So yeah, that's what I can say today. I hope you're alive tommorow...

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 7
  • Michael: 9
  • Drake: 7
  • Drew: 6
  • Drago: 5
  • The Doll: 8
  • Crabby: 7
  • Crabbette: 7

Night 5

Phone Call

Oh hello, this is your last week of your shift and the animatronics are probably angry. This is like the second time a guard has standed that long, heh...

Now you might wonder; where are the original animatronics? Actually, these animatronics ARE the original ones, except for Crabbette. We're not like Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria with that whole murder and Bite of the 87 stuff, so there isn't withered animatronics roaming around. The backstage would be way too small to house them all and I really doubt they would hide in the junkyard.

Next week the "Special" animatronics will awaken. The animatronics should be a bit less agressive but don't let your guards down, they will still come after you.

Also, have you ever tried playing those arcades? Apparently older programmers made some "Special Cards" for the arcades that allows access to "memories" explaining the backstory of Fierce's Foods. No, not the whole "Michael meets Bodhi" stuff, the ACTUAL backstory with the prototypes and the Doll. Some of them might have been tampered by the animatronics a bit through. I should try finding them...

I don't have much time left, so I'm just gonna say ciao! I really hope you survive.

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 10
  • Michael: 10
  • Drake: 8
  • Drew: 7
  • Drago: 6
  • The Doll: 9
  • Crabby: 8
  • Crabbette: 9

Night 6

Phone Call

Hey there! It's the second week. So now, uh, this animatronic named "Gilgamesh" should activate for real.

Gilgamesh is one of the four "theater" animatronics and has the power to open doors with a signal. Otherwise, he'd break them with his axe. Gilgamesh seems to think he's perfection. He actually wrote the animatronic's descriptions in the archives, which is why they may seem a bit...odd. He seems to be the most affected by the virus. The employees from back in the original place seem to do every thing to make him be scrapped. What is up with him? No idea. The Doll hates him and so does Gilgamesh. Use your taser on him.

Gilgamesh used to be a prototype named "AnimaProto". He is the first animatronic made by Fierce's Foods. AnimaProto is not the murderer who kills people on the spot. He is the cruel killer that watches thier victim bleed out, unable to do anything. He will try to make you completely vunerable instead of killing you. He will likely do something like bugging up your doors letting all of the animatronics kill you.

That's all I can say. I would say more but Fierce's Food's policy prevents us from doing that. I can see why...

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 8
  • Michael: 9
  • Drake: 6
  • Drew: 5
  • Drago: 4
  • The Doll: 10
  • Crabby: 7
  • Crabbette: 7
  • Gilgamesh: 6

Night 7

Phone Call

Hello. Richard the Rocket Demon should activate today.

Richard is pretty similar to Gilgamesh. He's a theater animatronic that opens doors with his signal and is actually one of the prototypes, GiantProto. If he didn't have the signal, he'd still have the strengh to break them. He isn't named "GiantProto" for no reason. He even has to duck down to travel through some of the halls. Believe it or not, this giant can enter vents. GiantProto HATES repeating things and while he might give you mercy the first time, he likely won't give you more. Like AnimaProto, he's vunerable to your taser.

...Yeah, there's barely anything else I can talk about...Oh right. The basement guard. You might've wondered what these doors around the restaurant are for. They're actually entrances to a basement. It was where we kept the theater animatronics. That's why they looked unfinished before Night 6. The Doll also occasionally went there; that's why it seems to disappear sometimes, through that doesn't explains the teleporting.

This was even shoter then last call...See you tommorow, hopefully something happens so we have more to talk about tommorow. Cya!

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 11
  • Michael: 10
  • Drake: 7
  • Drew: 6
  • Drago: 5
  • The Doll: 11
  • Crabby: 8
  • Crabbette: 9
  • Gilgamesh: 8
  • Richard: 7

Night 8

Phone Call

Hey hey hey! You should see Wis and Orlockron. Both of those are prototypes; VirusProto and WheelProto respectively. Now, I have NO idea what they had in mind. Both are incredibly odd.

Wis is...a 3D-printed tree...or an hologram tree...or...yeah, you get it, he's a willow tree made from a computer. He ALSO opens doors, and would otherwise jam them. Wis has a tendency to mess things up a lot. He's able to manipulate the Error system to make things errored look normal and not-errored things seem bugged. He and Orlockron are not immune to the taser.

As for Orlockron, he's...a rock possesed by a spirit. That giant eye he stares at you with isn't it's actual eye, fortunately; see the two holes in it's base? They're where it's real eyes are. Orlockron wouldn't break the doors, but would rather break himself up. He is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to break, I tell you. You could throw him up from a cliff and he would be almost intact. Well, that wouldn't be possible, because he's SO HEAVY! If he touches you, your mechanics will become errored! Fear not, unlike the other prototypes his attack can be fixed. He's a slap in a knife fight.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. See you later!

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 11
  • Michael: 11
  • Drake: 7
  • Drew: 6
  • Drago: 5
  • The Doll: 12
  • Crabby: 9
  • Crabbette: 9
  • Gilgamesh: 10
  • Richard: 9
  • Wis: 11
  • Orlockron: 4

Night 9

Phone Call

Hello. Have you heard rumors about the "Bite of the 87" of Fierce's Foods? Well, there isn't a bite, I can areadly say that. But there are a few other things that might have happened. Now, I'm not sure of the veracity of some, so bear with me, these may or may not be fake.

The first rumor is the "Prototype Attack", by FAR the most likely. An unknown prototype would have lured a kid in the backroom and brutally murder it in some way. The item used to murder ranges from an axe, a mechanical arm, a computer, some even say they were stuffed in a costume. Now, the wierd thing is that there IS a costume with a corpse inside of it, The Doll, and AnimaProto is known for using an axe. Real or fake? You decide.

Then there's the "Pinch of the 95" in which Crabby would have pinced someone and rip out thier arm. Now, I don't believe the ripping-arm-away, through it is possible Crabby accidentally pinched someone.

Then there's unlikely stuff like Michael and Bodhi going on a killing spree killing 8 kids, a prototype escaping the restaurant and killing the same number of kids, Fierce Foods intentionally causing an oil ship to crash near them, someone beign bit by a giant prototype, ect. Ridiculous, I'd say.

Through the Bite of '87 in Freddy Fazbear's IS ridiculous. I mean seriously, now I'm not even sure whether Fredbear, Freddy, Foxy or Mangle did it. And HOW? Why did an animatronic bite a kid in the first place? Our animatronics are not like THAT. They're better. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is a place people can laugh at. Or Fredbear's Family Diner. Whatever...

So yeah, this ended up beign much longer then expected. At least you didn't get bored out.

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 14
  • Michael: 12
  • Drake: 8
  • Drew: 7
  • Drago: 6
  • The Doll: 13
  • Crabby: 10
  • Crabbette: 11
  • Gilgamesh: 12
  • Richard: 11
  • Wis: 13
  • Orlockron: 7

Night 10

Phone Call

No no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO!


...Sorry. Seriously through, you should get out of here as fast as possible. You know when I made fun of the fact Freddy Fazbear's animatronics bit people? I take that back. The black dragon...he bit a little boy...Now he's out for everyone's blood. WHETHER OR NOT THEY'RE ALONE. It's as if I unintentionally predicted the future...I frankly don't know what you can do to stop the dragon...OH RIGHT! You have your taser! Use it on him. It's the only way to survive. He seems to be able to open doors somehow, and he can likely bite through them anyways.

Animatronic Levels

  • Bodhi: 15
  • Michael: 14
  • Drake: 9
  • Drew: 8
  • Drago: 7
  • The Doll: 15
  • Crabby: 12
  • Crabbette: 12
  • Gilgamesh: 15
  • Richard: 14
  • Wis: 16
  • Orlockron: 10
  • Fierce: 18

Custom Night

The custom night is unlocked after Night 10. It is similar to the SNaF1 custom night screen, except there are even more presets, and skins have a much bigger role.

The player can change the AIs of the character in this night. For example, one can make Crabby inactive while making Crabbette active, something that never happens ingame. They can also change the error frequency. The Doll's AI is not changed to fit the custom night's concept here, unlike SNAF1, which changed The Doll's AI to one oddly similar to the one used in this game.


  • Crabby Crabby: Crabby and Crabbette are on 20.
  • Withered and Broken: The Doll, Fierce and Crabby are on 20.
  • FIRE!!! : Drake and Richard are on 20.
  • Nice Plants: Wis and Drago are on 20.
  • Fancy Hats: Bodhi and Crabbette are on 20.

All of the original presets come back, except Changes because it is obsolete with the expanded skin system. Nearly all of the time, the animatronic take thier Classic form in these. Any variations that happened in the original nights happen here.

  • White Duo: Bodhi and Michael are on 20.
  • Dragon Dance: Drake, Drew, Drago are on 20. Fierce is on 5.
  • Making a Splash: Drew, Crabby and Crabbette are on 20.
  • Theatrical: Gilgamesh, Richard, Wis and Orlockron are on 20.
  • Worst Enemies: Gilgamesh and The Doll are on 20. Fierce is on 5.
  • Monster Trucks: Bodhi and Orlockron are on 20.
  • Evolution: Gilgamesh is on 5. Richard is on 10. Michael is on 20.
  • Arcade Pros: Orlockron and Fierce are on 20.
  • Odd Ones: Wis and The Doll are on 20.
  • Darkness: The Doll and Fierce are on 20.
  • EMPHASIS! : Drake is on 25. This is the only night in which an animatronic is higher then the level cap.
  • Ladies Night: Drew and Crabbette are on 20.
  • Big Eaters: Richard and Fierce are on 20.
  • Laid Back: Bodhi, Orlockron, The Doll and Drago are on 20.
  • D: The Doll, Drago, Drew and Drake are on 10.
  • Original 6: Bodhi, Michael, Drake, Drew, Drago and Crabby are on 20.
  • The Old Days: Bodhi, Michael, Fierce, The Doll, Gilgamesh, Richard, Wis and Orlockron are on 20.
  • New and Shiny: Drake, Drew, Drago, Crabby and Crabbette are on 20.
  • Introduced: Drake, Drew, Drago, Crabby, Gilgamesh, The Doll, Richard, Wis, Orlockron, Crabbette and Fierce are on 10.
  • Free Mode: None of the animatronics are active.
  • Bodhi's Challenge: All of the animatronics are on 5.
  • Michael's Party: All of the animatronics are on 10.
  • We are FIERCE!: All of the animatronics are on 15.
  • Suicide Mode: All of the animatronics are on 20.
  • Random: The animatronic levels are randomised on this night.


You can change the animatronic's skins with a menu in the Custom Night screen. An example of a skin is Drake's bare design, which strips him of his suit. Most of these do not depict canon designs.


  • Normal: The normal figurine-esque design used ingame.
  • Classic: Michael's design in SNaF:I.
  • Old: Michael's "original" version, notably holding a microphone.


  • Normal: Bodhi's normal design in this game.
  • Classic: Bodhi's bald version from the original.
  • Old: Bodhi's first version's, wearing a fancy black top hat.


  • Normal: Drake's lion-esque design in this game.
  • Classic: Drake's original design back in the first game.
  • Bare: A version of Drake without his suit, showing the confetti launcher in him.


  • Normal: Drew's fish or shark-like design in SNAF2.
  • Classic: Drew back when she was a recolor of Drake.
  • Fashion: Drew with many accessories such as ribbons.


  • Normal: Drago's newer more natural-esque design.
  • Classic: Drago without all the fancy nature features.
  • Golden: A golden version of Drago.

The Doll

  • Normal: The Doll's current, withered state.
  • Classic: A less tattered Doll from the first game.
  • Spooky: The Doll's head is replaced with a pumpkin.


  • Normal: Crabbette as she looks normally.
  • Male: Crabbette with her ribbon replaced with a top hat.
  • Christmas: Crabbette wearing a christmas hat.


  • Normal: Crabby as he is scrapped in SNAF2.
  • Classic: A less broken Crabby from SNAF1.
  • Fixed: Crabby back in his original glory.


  • Normal: Gilgamesh as he looks in SNAF2.
  • Proto: Gilgamesh is replaced with AnimaProto.
  • King: Gilgamesh's perfection is shown through this skin.


  • Normal: Richard beign creepy as always.
  • Proto: Richard's spooky endoskeleton is exposed now.
  • Inversed: They were running out of ideas with this one.


  • Normal: Wis in his current appearance.
  • Proto: Wis as VirusProto from the first game.
  • Decimated: Wis believing he is Decimated from FNaTL3.


  • Normal: Orlockron as he appears in SNAF2.
  • Proto: Orlockron back when he was WheelProto.
  • Charred: A burnt and broken version of Orlockron's SNAF2 design.


  • Normal: Fierce as he looks in the second SNAF game.
  • Classic: Fierce before this version of Fierce's Foods.
  • Kid-Friendly: Fierce without the blood and flesh in his jaw.


Bodhi and Michael (Night 1)

This memory shows Bodhi and Michael performing in front of a stage, one which looks nearly identical to the "Learn with Michael" minigame in the original. AnimaProto briefly peeks before the minigame ends.

Dragons (Night 2)

This memory shows Fierce roaming around, before beign dumped away by the employees. Fierce then sneaks around to see them building the three dragon animatronics. This seems to take place in the SNAF1 location, and definitely isn't the location in "Bodhi and Michael" as they are shown without a stage or other special traits.

Crabby and Crabbette (Night 3)

This memory shows Crabby in the Central Room of the first game, before it gets attacked by a dog. It starts to be repaired, but is then put into a garbage can as Crabbette is made.

F13R(3 (Night 4)

This glitched memory seems to show Fierce again, but in a very different way. Fierce is in a black and green void as static flickers around. After a while, sprites of AnimaProto flicker around the screen as Fierce touches a Bodhi sprite which then gets red eyes. AnimaProto stops flickering and is shown "laughing" briefly before the minigame ends.

D011 (Night 5)

This glitched memory shows the same location as Bodhi and Michael, but in an incredibly glitched way: a kid with a white shirt follows Gilgamesh into another "screen", which is completely devoid of sprites and only has the background. A noise similar to a flatline plays as the screen gets covered in red static. The static then ends, showing the Doll in a backroom with VirusProto and WheelProto. The minigame finally ends.

"Hey, who are these?" (Night 6)

This memory, which seems to work more then the previous two, shows the Bodhi and Michael location once again. AnimaProto peeks in, and text shows up:

Hey, who are these? They seem to be performing. Guess it's a test, as evidenced with those test robots. I guess they'l perform with me, the perfect mascot.

The colors indicate AnimaProto is saying this. He proceeds to say:

I guess that test suit has been fixed. Hey you, come with me!

The "White Shirt Kid" gets up before the minigame ends.

"Speaking of which, what are children?" (Night 7)

This memory displays AnimaProto in the middle of an hallway. He says:

Seems like the suit hasn't been fixed after all. I don't get why that robot's screaming so much, through.

A man then comes in. He looks in a dark room before he gets the axe AnimaProto usually holds and then chases AnimaProto very angrily. AnimaProto runs until he breaks the location's windows. He then says:

The staff is like really angry about me! They were speaking stuff about closing down robots and something, err, I'm not sure what it was but it started with "k" about children. Speaking of which, what are children?

"I...I'VE BEEN LIED TO!" (Night 8)

This memory shows AnimaProto, who is still outside the restaurant. He proceeds to jump back in, saying:

I guess I'll give another chance to that robot if it's so important...

AnimaProto enters the room the man entered previously. One can see VirusProto, WheelProto and The Doll in the middle of the room. The Doll is lacking his strings and it's controller. AnimaProto looks in a box and finds some strings, then he breaks the box. He puts the box's wood and the strings together to make the controller The Doll moves with, then attaches it to The Doll. He notices a paper in the box, which he reads. AnimaProto starts shaking as he says:


He then starts to shake even more as his eyes look very angry, saying:


"This could come in handy..." (Night 9)

This memory shows AnimaProto on a computer, writing things. The room also shows GiantProto. AnimaProto occasionally touches itself with an rectangular object, apparently testing a "program". Eventually, he becomes very aggresive. He then snaps out of it and says:

Okay, it works.

AnimaProto finds the axe the man used to chase him and takes it. He then says:

This could come in handy...

"Oh right, Fierce." (Night 10)

This memory displays AnimaProto walking around the hallway with the rectangular object, saying:

Who to put it on?...WheelProto is small; however, it's not good-looking...VirusProto, he's fast but he looks like a stupid alien. GiantProto is too tall...Oh right, Fierce. He's imposing, but not too tall. He'll be good.

AnimaProto then puts the rectangular object on Fierce (who was in the hall), who then spazzes out and gets angry eyes. AnimaProto then does a few moves with his arms, which Fierce imitates. The minigame then ends.


Pictures that don't belong in other sections will be put here.

Fan-Art Gallery

Pictures relating to content from the second game, such as Bodhi's new appearance in this game, will be put here.


If you have any theories about the game's lore, feel free to put them here!


  • The game was planned to have the characters speak at times, but the creator through this wasn't creepy and removed this.
  • This version of the game was originally planned to be completely different from the original version. This was scrapped, however.
  • Fierce is actually pretty weak. However, he has the highest level in a main night in the Several Nights at Fierce's series so far, which is why he appears so strong.
    • In the same way, Wis is actually rather slow, but his high level makes him a lot faster.
    • The dragon trio are actually the most aggresive animatronics, but they're always at low levels in the main nights, which makes them a lot easier to deal with.

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