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Several Nights at Fierce's 3: Possesion
Game Information
Platform(s) PC
Developer Poisonshot
Genre Point-and-Click
Theme Horror
Release date(s)
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Proceeded by Several Nights at Fierce's 2: Remaking
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Several Nights at Fierce's 3: Possesion is the third installment of Several Nights at Fierce's. It plays more like the traditional FNAF games, having you watching cameras and staying in an office. Only Gilgamesh, as well as Helpbot, a new antagonist, can kill you. Instead of the normal animatronics, there are gruesome and withered version of 8 of the animatronics, with thier endoskeletons replaced by human bones. The game takes place in 2005, which means it takes place after the second game, inside of an horror attraction, Fierce's Terror. This game is often considered the scariest game in the series.


The gameplay is a lot more similar to Five Night at Freddy's then the other Several Nights at Fierce's; you have to stay in an office and defend yourself from the animatronics; Gilgamesh and Helpbot, through Helpbot's attack is more of a punishment. Unlike the second game, the cameras are back and now essential to survive. All animatronics start on the first night, through the "skeletons" are a lot less frequent and Gilgamesh is rather slow. They get more frequent and faster, however, Gilgamesh developping tactics to fool the player.

You have a power charger at the right of your office, which is used to charge your power; you have a limited amount of it. The power is used when you use the cameras. When you see Gilgamesh in the cameras, you must flash light at him to make him run back to another room with a button. If you spot him at your office's door, you have to use a flashlight to flash at him multiple times just like Foxy. If you charge the power meter too much, Helpbot will likely kill you on the spot.

Another feature of the game is the Sanity meter. If you have no sanity (when the bar is empty), your player will freak out, and while he won't get an heart attack, he'll be unable to use anything anymore. Gilgamesh, no matter how far he was, will kill them shortly after. The sanity meter increases when nothing is shown, but depletes quickly when one of the "Skeleton" animatronic attacks them. It also lowers when the player encounters Gilgamesh, but a lot less.



Gilgamesh gets a creepy makeover in this game. He is now very withered and rusty. His head, torso and arm suits are completely gone. He is the most active antagonist and the main villain. His left arm is replaced with his signature axe. He is missing his ears. His leg suits are still there through they're very dirty. He will take a variety of paths to reach the office. You must flash him with your flashlight when you see him, whether it be in the Office or in the cameras. Make sure to not run out of power, through. Gilgamesh starts out pretty dumb, taking straight paths, but as nights progress he gets smarter; he moves faster and faster and he occasionally hides from the cameras. He may even trick you into thinking he's going to a camera but in truth he goes in another one. He starts in the Theater.


Helpbot is a lot cuter then Gilgamesh; she was made to not threaten people. She was supposed to help people find the right medecine when they are hurt, but she didn't work correctly and the staff scrapped her. She is a pink cube-esque robot with a propeller that actually makes it fly. She seems to wear an helmet of sorts. Helpbot is unique in that it always stays in the Help Hall, unless the player charges the flashlight power too much. In that case, she will activate and kill the player very quickly. It is unknown how she kills the player; they have no reason to be scared and she has no weapons. It is possible she breaks thier bones by ramming into them.


Jet is a gruesome version of the first game's Michael. It has a lot of holes in it's suit parts and is completely missing the head. It's endoskeleton is replaced by an ACTUAL skeleton. It has red glowing eyes in the skull part. Jet cannot kill you, but when he jumpscares you he lowers a lot the Sanity meter and also causes the player's view to become distorted; things seem closer then they actually are, which can give you a scare if you encounter Gilgamesh beign a lot closer then he should. He occasionally appears in the Playroom, staring at the camera, and if the player doesn't swaps cameras quickly enough, he attacks the player.


Inky is the Bodhi from SNAF1, except it has no endoskeleton and instead, an human, black skeleton has been broken up to fit inside. It's wheels are replaced by it's legs and arms. A hole in the suit shows the skull, which has blue glowing eyes. It also has an huge hole in the back for some reason. It's spine is also very broken compared to the rest of it's body. Like the other "Skeleton Animatronics", Inky cannot kill you but will heavily lower your sanity meter instead. Inky rarely appears in the Dining Room and he attacks the player if they don't leave the camera quickly enough, and will cause things to look more far then they actually are.


Somber appears extremely similar to The Doll from the second game, except more withered. According to the maker, the skeleton isn't the original Doll's through. Somber will occasionally appear in the Prize Hall, occupying the whole screen with it's face. The player has to quickly change cameras, or Somber will go in front of them and stare at them similary to Phantom Puppet, but for a shorter time. The Sanity meter goes lower during this time. After Somber's attack, a music box will play, which can make audio cues like Gilgamesh entering vents harder to hear. Somber is one of the rarest "skeletons".


Sable is the skeleton version of Fierce. The skeleton inside is bent to look similar to a dog's. The suit looks mostly normal, through it lacks wings as humans do not have bones for that. It will appear in the Arcade Hall, in front of the camera, and will then show up in the office playing a loud static noise which decreases the sanity meter, in a similar fashion to Phantom Mangle from FNAF3. The player can avoid him by changing cameras before he attacks. The Arcade Hall is disabled for the rest of the night after his attack, which can be troubling as it is one of the most visited cameras in the game.


Obscure is Gilgamesh's skeleton counterpart. It appears mostly like a normal skeleton, except it has two mechanical ears which are implied to be the ones Gilgamesh is missing. Obscure will occasionally show up after Gilgamesh leaves in the Theater, standing in the same pose Gilgamesh normally is in at the beggining of the night. Obscure will then enter the office and stand in front of them if they don't change cameras, depleting the player's sanity. After Obscure leaves, the player's view fades to black, which proceed to fade out, and then fades back to black, and so on. Obscure is one of, if not the most common "skeleton".


The "skeleton" doppelganger of Richard is named Charcoal. He is reconisable because his bones seem burned and also bigger then the others, but otherwise is like Obscure in that it is a normal standing skeleton. Charcoal occasionally appears in the Backstage, standing in the middle of the room. Charcoal proceeds to jumpscare the player, which takes away the double of the usual amount of Sanity the "skeletons" deplete. This makes him an extremely dangerous character, through he shows up extremely rarely. It is recommanded to not check the Backstage unless it is neccesary because of how dangerous Charcoal is.


Ebony is a gruesome version of Wis. It's head is where Wis was. One of it's legs as well as it's ribcage are mashed together to create a "spine". Finger and toes form Wis's legs. The skeleton's two arms and the other leg form it's "branches". Ebony doesn't appears on a specific place unlike the other animatronics. It can appear on any cameras, poking at the bottom of it staring straight at it. Ebony will then jumpscare the player. Vines will have grown on the camera it attacked you on after this, which limits it's view. This can be avoided by checking another camera before it has the time to attack you. Ebony is rather common but not too dangerous.


Onyx is a distorted counterpart of Orlockron. It is a mess of a spine, a ribcage and a skull, with it's arms and legs replacing Orlockron's wheels. Onyx will not appear on the cameras, but will rather roll through the office's door. If the player doesn't pulls up the camera monitor before it finishes rolling, it will teleport on the player's desk making a loud flatline-esque noise. This causes the office to be covered in smoke, limiting the office view. The door in particular is completely blocked off by the smoke, forcing the player to look at the cameras to see if Gilgamesh is in the Help Hall.




Your office. Not much stands out in this room. You have a table with a phone and a fan on it. A door is at the left of the room; Gilgamesh and the other characters enter from there. It leads to the Help Hall. There is a lever at the middle of the room connected to a generator on the room's right. Wires fall from the ceiling. A few animatronic arms, torsos and legs can be seen all around the room. Onyx occasionally rolls through the door before attacking.


Gilgamesh's starting location. Obscure also appears here when it attacks. The stage they are on seems to be made of synthetic dark green grass. There is a moon prop. The back of the stage is black. Black dead tree props are seen on the stage as well. An entrance can be seen on the camera, left of the stage. There is a vent in front of the stage that leads to the Arcade Hall. Finally, there is a door at the right of the stage which leads to the Backstage.


The location where Charcoal appears. There is a table at the middle of the room with parts of the Theater Animatronics from the second game; no endoskeleton is seen, which imply they aren't the actual parts. There are also a few parts from the other animatronics; Michael and Bodhi suits, dragon limbs, ect. A door at the left of the room leads to the theater; one at the back of the room leads to the kitchen, and an entrance is seen here too.


The horror attraction's Kitchen. No animatronics start here which makes it an ideal location to trap Gilgamesh away. A table is seen in the middle of the room with rotten food. There are also fridges, microwaves and ovens around the room. Food is also found spilled accross the room. A door at the front of the room leads to the Kitchen; one at the left of the room leads to the Arcade Hall, and finally there's a vent at the back of the room.

Arcade Hall

An hallway with many arcades at it's sides. Sable may appear here to attack the player. The arcades display scary stuff like Michael with oil leaking out of his eyes, Richard with glowing red eyes, and so on. This is a pretty important camera as there are a lot of vents and doors leading to other rooms; one leads to the Theater, one leads to the Dragon Stage, one leads to the Kitchen and one leads to the Playroom. Gilgamesh is often seen here.


A disturbing version of the Playroom from the two first games. Michael and Bodhi are still seen here, but are now broken up with oil leaking out of them. Thier endoskeletons are different through so these are not the originals. "IT'S ME" is seen on the walls, painted with oil. Jet is seen here before it attacks. A door at the top of the room leads to the Arcade Hall while another leads to the Dining Room.

Dining Room

The horror restaurant's dining room, through you can't eat here. Like in the Kitchen, rotten food is seen spilled everywhere. The player may see Inky spawning here. Two doors are seen in the back of the room, one leading to the Playroom while another leads to the Dragon Stage. A door at the right of the room leads to the Back Door. One of the attraction's doors is found here too. There is a lack of vents which makes this room an ideal Gilgamesh trapping spot.

Dragon Stage

A distorted version of the second game's dragon stage. It is very similar to the playroom; the three Dragons are seen in the room, broken with oil leaking out of them. None of the skeletons appear here through it isn't the best spot to trap Gilgamesh in. Two vents and two doors are seen here; one of the vent leads to the Arcade Hall, the other leads to the Help Hall. There is a door leading to the Dining Room as well as one leading to the Prize Hall.

Prize Hall

An hallway which appears to be the Crabby-themed room, as thier "corpses" are seen there. Plushies with scary defects such as an eyeless Michael is seen there. Notably, some of the trashed toys seen in the Junkyard from the second game have been salvaged and put here. Somber appears here before attacking. A vent leading to the Kitchen is seen here. There's a door on the left leading to the Dragon Stage. A door at the bottom right leads to the Help Hall.

Help Hall

Helpbot's starting location and the last obstacle before Gilgamesh reaches the office. Bottles are seen here, probably for medecine. Onyx technically attacks from here but he is not seen on the cameras. A vent at the left of the room leads to the Dining Room. Another at the bottom left of the room leads to the Back Door. Another door at the top right of the room leads to the Prize Hall. Finally, there's a door at the bottom left of the hall leading to the Office.

Back Door

A door at the back of the pizzeria. The camera mostly shows the door, with no animatronics in particular beign seen. There are tables in the room with papers on them; they seem to be for legality. A vent is seen at the top right of the room, which leads to the Help Hall. At the left of the room is the Dining Room. This would be an ideal spot to trap Gilgamesh, but he cannot be forced in this room.


Night 1

Phone Call

Hey hey! Welcome to Fierce's Terrors... I'm not here to spook you, through, I'm here to alert you of what you have to do tonight. Trust me, it's NOT just watching cameras...You also have to charge your power.

You have a lever at the right side of the office. Pull it to charge your power. NOT TOO MUCH, through. I'll explain why next night. Now you likely saw Gilgamesh in the Theater room, right? Now Gilgamesh...might try getting to you. If you think he's getting close, use the included lights in the cameras to make him run back to the Theater.

Don't be too scared, man, you could see some horrifying stuff. All of our guards keep quitting because of the horrifying things; they keep seeing distorted versions of the animatronics. But hey, I'm sure it's just hallucinations.

That's pretty much all I have to say, see you later!


This night is rather easy. Gilgamesh is very slow on this night; if you don't do anything he takes around two hours to actually reach you. He also takes the straight path instead of hiding from you or using vents. As for the "Skeletons", it is likely you'll only encounter one. Do not worry about them; if you're moving through the cameras quickly they will not get to you. Helpbot can activate on this night, but you need to overcharge the power for around half of an hour to do so.

Night 2

Phone Call

Hello there. Welcome back to the horror attraction. Today I'm going to talk to you about Helpbot and Gilgamesh, our two animatronics.

Helpbot is a test animatronic we've made to take the role Crabby and Crabbette had in the original restaurant. We scrapped her because she was pretty buggy, however. We keep her in the Help Hall. She usually shouldn't activate, but she might if you overpower the restaurant...And Helpbot is surprisingly fast and will quickly crush you like a canon ball. We don't know why...But hey it's common knowledge by now that the animatronics have viruses.

...Yes, the Gilgamesh is actually the original one. We put him on a free mode; he can talk about anything he wants, through we prevented him from killing anything, or messing with things. He doesn't always listen, but at least he doesn't goes on killing sprees. He DOES get aggresive if he sees someone and it's alone. Which is why him and Helpbot attack you.

So yeah, survive this night and enjoy day life!


Night 2 is where the game really starts. Gilgamesh is a bit faster and will take around one hour and a half to reach you. He will also, through rarely, crawl in vents to skip some of the path. The skeletons are more frequent and you will usually get at least two attacks if you aren't careful. Helpbot also shows up quicker if you overcharge the power.

Night 3

Phone Call

Hey there! We just found some really old documents in the original Fierce's Foods, hahah. We now have detailled overview of the animatronics, why they were made and what are thier roles!

Turns out Bodhi used to wear a top hat while Michael wielded a microphone. They replaced Fierce the Dragon. THAT'S why it's named "Fierce's Foods"! There were also four prototypes and a Michael costume which was pretty faultly. The prototypes look a lot like the theater animatronics and I wouldn't be surprised if the theater animatronics are just retrofitted versions of them. For instance, AnimaProto, the first Fierce's Foods robot, appears very similar to Gilgamesh.

Something spooky about AnimaProto is that he apparently MURDERED a child once. Very scary. He also escaped the building a lot of times through he always returned. By the end of one year he had a pile of stuff in his corner in one of the rooms, with stuff ranging from dog baits, dirt, plants, mushrooms...Very odd. If he is Gilgamesh, then that makes him a LOT creepier.

That's it. Make sure you don't die so you can see the light of day again!


On Night 3, Gilgamesh will speed up to an average speed, taking about one hour to reach the office if uninterrupted. Gilgamesh will use the vents more often on this night. He may try to hide unter tables through he makes a lot of noises when he does so. The skeletons appear at an average pace. Make sure to dodge them. Helpbot shows up even quicker now.

Night 4

Phone Call

Hello! Yesterday we found docs about the first Fierce's Foods. Now we found some about the SECOND Fierce's Foods!

The staff admitted Drago was unoriginal in there, hahah. Drew was planned to have eyelashes but they just scrapped that. Finally, Drake was planned to have a more advanced confetti launcher, with smoke and all that stuff. They were too lazy to do that.

They wanted to give Bodhi a new hat but they couldn't find any that'd fit. I wonder why they didn't think of giving Bodhi a fedora like they did in the third restaurant, but whatever. As for Michael, they originally wanted to give him a guitar, but the mechanics needed for it would be too complicated. So they choose to hide the hands instead.

Finally, there's Crabby. Crabby was always pretty spooky. Unlike the other, Crabby actually shows his endoskeleton eyes in the show! He only does that when kids are trying to pick him off his chair and stuff like that. I think that worked extremely well since there's still a lot of people who think Crabby was the creepiest. They were pretty mad when they replaced him with Crabbette, hahah.

So yeah that's pretty much what we found tonight. Stay tuned for more.


Gilgamesh starts using the vents at a normal pace on this night. He is also pretty fast. He is better at hiding under tables, and he will also try using props in the restaurant. Helpbot appears extremely quickly; if you charge the power a little too much it's likely she'll attack. The skeletons appear about 1/4 of the time when you check thier camera.

Night 5

Phone Call

Hi...Unfortunately we could not find other documents about the third Fierce's Foods. You see...

The third Fierce's Foods burned to flames right after that location's night guard left. That darn night guard! I'm sure it was his fault. And yet...Gilgamesh managed to survive! Crabbette apparently did too but we couldn't find her. The junkyard was mostly intact but all of the plans there were beyond reading and everything else beyond repair. So no luck. One of our employees swears he saw a pair of red eyes in the darkness through.

I remember the time we found Gilgamesh. Everyone; our boss, the other employees, the one guarding the ruins of the third restaurant... Yes, a guard is protecting it because it's an ideal spot for illegal activities. Anyways, back to the story. Everyone except me and a few others believed there was no way something is still there. But we looked anyways. And we found it where the theater was. We weren't sure it was still working so we put it sideways. Gilgamesh freaked out before standing back up. So then we brought it back, and everyone gasped at us, hahah.

See ya tommorow, hopefully no one mauls you.


Gilgamesh will now trick you, be warned; he will appear to go to an area in a camera, but will end up going to another direction. From this night on, Helpbot appears as soon as you overcharge the power. The skeletons are pretty common on this night, but they appear only slightly more often.

Night 6

Phone Call

Heyo! Now we don't have much to talk about tonight. I'll just talk about what Gilgamesh does and how to stop or predict his actions.

You likely noticed we have vents around the place, and that Gilgamesh crawls around them sometimes. You can't seal them; gotta deal with Gilgamesh. However, you can guess where he is by listening carefully; you might hear that he's coming from the left, the right, the north, the south...Just an useful tip.

Make sure to listen to his footsteps. If, when he goes offscreen, he runs, it means he went to another entrance then the entrance you espected him to go. If he just walks, he's in the place you espected him to go to. If you hear vent crawling noises, then he went into a vent.

That's pretty much the tricks he pulls on you. Wait, did I lock the do-AUGH! *the call ends abruptly*

Scripted Events

  • During the phone call, Gilgamesh is absent from the whole attraction.
  • After the phone call, Gilgamesh is thrown back into the attraction by a human figure who is implied to be the phone caller.


Gilgamesh can completely disappear on this night; but he'll reappear eventually. This is because he can now escape the attraction, but barriers around the attraction prevent him from leaving it completely. It is pretty rare he does so on this night through. The skeleton are estimated to appear 1/3 of the time. Don't charge the power too much to avoid an attack from Helpbot.

Night 7

Phone Call

Hello? Just wanted to tell you I survived. I REALLY didn't espect Gilgamesh to show up from nowhere. And yes, I DID lock the door. But Gilgamesh...learned how to open doors even if they're locked. So you might see him disappear and enter from another door at times. The doors are in the Theater, the Backstage, the Dining Room and the Back Door. Keep that in mind. Gotta go, I don't want to be attacked by Gilgamesh again.


Gilgamesh is at his most aggresive; very fast, you'll usually get attacked by him 2 or more times an hour even if you're careful. Helpbot actually attacks slightly before the overpowering now. The skeletons appear 1/2 of the time each time you check the office or the cameras.

Custom Night

The Custom Night is different on this game then the others; you have even more customising options.

As usual, you can edit the AI of the animatronics. Gilgamesh actually has two AI levels; one for his speed and one for his tricks. You can also edit how frequent each of the skeletons show up. Finally, you can edit the rate at which Helpbot will attack.


A new feature of the custom night are Cheats. They can be used to make the custom night presets easier. Here's a list of them:

  • Quick Nights: Makes nights go two times as fast.
  • Courage: Removes the sanity meter.
  • Infinite Power: Gives you infinite power.
  • No Overload: Removes the overpowering. Unless Helpbot is at 20, she won't be able to attack.
  • Radar: Puts a radar which lets you see where Gilgamesh is moving.


There are no presets; instead, you get challenges. They are the total opposite of Cheats; they make the nights harder. They can stack. You get rewards for finishing them. Here's a list of them:

  • Lethality: The skeletons kill you when they attack you. Those who can't kill you will instead instantly remove the sanity you have. As a reward, you get a plush skull on your desk.
  • Emergency Power: You have half the power you usually have. If you try to put it higher Helpbot will attack you as usual. You get a plush of Helpbot if you win this.
  • No Cameras: The cameras are disabled. You can still use them but you cannot see if Gilgamesh is really there. Complete this preset and you get a replica of Gilgamesh's axe on your desk.
  • Angrylgamesh: Gilgamesh is two times as fast as usual. As a reward for completing this, you get a dirty figure of Gilgamesh before the withering.
  • No Mercy: Gilgamesh will instantly kill you if he reaches you. If you manage to win this, a plushie of "Horror Gilgamesh" will show up on your desk.


As usual, you can change the appearance of the animatronics. This doesn't affects thier behaviour.

Gilgamesh Skins
  • Normal: The default skin and how he usually appears.
  • Proto: Gilgamesh turns into AnimaProto.
  • Fixed: Gilgamesh isn't withered anymore (and looks like his appearance from SNaF2).
  • Obscure: Gilgamesh turns into Obscure.
  • Springtrap: Gilgamesh wears a Springtrap suit.
  • Withered: Gilgamesh becomes even more withered up.
  • Nightmare: Gilgamesh turns into a nightmare version of himself.
Skeleton Skins

While you can change each Skeleton's appearance invidually, they all have the same set of skins. Here are them:

  • Normal: The skeletons appear like they normally appear.
  • Original: The skeletons appear like thier original appearance; for example Jet will hold a microphone. This doesn't does any changes to most of them.
  • Robot: The skeletons are fixed up and have an actual endo instead of bones.
  • Newer: The skeletons get thier suits from the second games.
  • Fixed: The skeletons appear as normal skeletons. This can make them hard to tell from eachother. You can guess which one is each from thier glowing eye colors.
  • Phantom: The skeletons appear like thier "Robot" appearances, but with the traits of the FNAF3 phantoms.
  • New Robots: The skeletons appear like thier appearance in the second game (for example Charcoal looks like Richard) and have robot bones.
Helpbot Skins
  • Normal: Helpbot as she normally appears.
  • Neon: Helpbot gets neon bars at the sides of her helmet and generally appears more vibrant.
  • Endo: Helpbot appears without her suit, making her an endoskeleton version of herself.
  • Withered: Helpbot appears withered; some of her suit is broke and her right eye is broken.
  • Male: Helpbot appears blue instead of pink.
  • "Epic": Helpbot gets sunglasses and her propeller is replaced with a rocket jet. This is for comedy.
  • Nightmare: Helpbot appears a lot creepier, beign withered up and having a sawblade replace her propeller.


Night 1

Two white dots appear in the middle of blackness. A flashlight then lights up these dots, revealing the withered version of Gilgamesh shown so often in this game. A man then appears and carries him away from the screen.

Night 2

A 8-bit view of the Theater from SNAF2 is shown. Gilgamesh is there along with Richard. Gilgamesh will then go in the curtains and will come back with a metallic object. It proceeds to make a fire with it, and throws it on the ground.

Night 3

Crabby is shown in the Central Room from Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection. A kid tries to pull him up, but he then shows glowing eyes making the kid run away crying.

Night 4

Crabbette is shown in the Prize Shop from the second game. Fire surrounds her. She manages to jump above theses and then runs through the restaurant before leaving through the Junkyard. If one looks closely, they can see Crabby escaping too.

Night 5

A girl is seen alone in the second game's Arcades. While she isn't looking, Fierce shows up behind the girl and proceeds to bite her, implying it killed her.

Night 6

A man is seen walking in front of the attraction. Gilgamesh shows up from one of the edges of the screen and attacks the man, but the man throws him back in the attraction.

Night 7

Gilgamesh is seen near the horror attraction's generator in the office, about to break out. He is caught by the staff, however, and is shown running through the attraction until it gets to the doors. It then escapes.


Artwork I make for the game might be put here eventually.

Fan Art Gallery

Create fan-art of the characters, the rooms or other parts of the game and put them here!



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  • This version of the game is completely different from the original third game. It is rather similar to FNAF's third game as it takes place in an horror attraction too, through.