"S-so, you're using me a-as an agent in t-t-t-this thing? Just l-l-like those s-s-spy movies....I'll do it!"-When asked to be in Majestic Services.
Shadow Meredith is a springlock moth animatronic, a old model and counterpart of the original Meredith the Moth. She appears as a black body, with a tint of purple, similiar to the shadow animatronics, with solid white eyes.


When Edward Skye was stuffed into The Chef and became the main animatronic at Crazy Chef's Cutting Palace, the company thought a whole slew of animatronics would increase the place's popularity, ten-fold. So, before hiring Mitchell Cutter to make the original Cutting Crew members, another engineer was assigned the job of making Meredith, Fozie, Sodapop, and Mad Jack. But, due to Chef Entertainment finding a better man for the job, the engineer was fired and his incarnation of Meredith was scrapped.

For years and years this suit was forgotten about by management, but the Crew members knew of her existence and did everything to make her feel at home inside the closet of Crazy Chef's. However, when they were deactivated once the restaurant decayed, and later, reactivated by Mitch, the 4 completely forgot about Shadow Meredith and left the place without her.

This wasn't the end of her, though; Balloon Broken, founder of Majestic Services, eventually found out the suit was there, so he sent Blacky and Cecilia to the decayed restaurant's location and found Shadow Meredith. After being initiated, SM was now a full-fledged MS member, becoming #005.


Shadow Meredith seems depressed and reserved all the time, only opening up to a few friends she trusts. She is very intelligent, too, and often helps Ballon Broken in coming up with strategies for missions.

Special Relations

Meredith-The two were practically sisters before she left her, even to the point where she forgives her for leaving her in the closet at Crazy Chef's. As close to sisters as they can get.

Blacky-A small love interest is brewing towards him, but she knows he really isn't the dating type, considering all his exes died while on the job. Blacky respects her enough, though.

The Chef-Feeling guilty for leaving not trying to take SM with him to Freddy's, Chef tries to make her feel welcome anytime she is at the CC Castle. SM appreciates it, but feels that he is doing a little too much.


-So far, she has a small role in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.

-She is planned to appear in a series of games revolving around Majestic Service missions.

-As a hallucination in Five Nights At The Inventory 3.


-As a gift of goodwill, Chef had System X make her a mini-me proxy, named Shadow Beyonca, a nod to Meredith's proxy also being named Beyonca.

-In FNAF2, she appears in the Show Stage occasionally, having no effect on gameplay.


Shadow Meredith appears similar to both a phantom from FNAF3 and Golden Freddy from FNAF2; If you pull up the monitor, randomly you will see Shadow Meredith staring at you in a camera. From now on, when you put on the Golden Freddy Mark IV suit to move offices, you run the risk of being caught by Shadow Meredith and your game crashing.


-Originally had a generic 'suit used to murder kids' backstory, but was made with the 'original' backstory to be more...well, original.

-Similiar to Sangeruis, when you crash your game by being caught by her, your IPad/IPod/Computer background is changed to a different image; for SM, a random teaser for FNATInvent3.

-Had a much more malevolent persona, but the creator reworked the persona to make her fit into Majestic Services.

-The engineer who created was most likely the same person who created the Shadow animatronics. Due to the similiar styles.

-The stutter in her voice comes from her voice box being rusted after years of not being used.


H-Hello, Mr. S-Smith....Do you w-want to b-be my f-friend?....Forever?-To Yellow in FNATInvent3.

T-t-time t-to d-d-die, y-you e-evil s-s-scumba-..Oh screw it, g-goodbye!-SM to an evil person.

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